How to Make thousands of Dollars From  Tennessee Gardens

How to turn your Tennessee Garden into a million dollar business. You can make over $1000 per day with 1,000 clicks if you create a website for your Tennessee Garden and monetorilize it with Google adsense

How to Make thousands of Dollars From  Tennessee Gardens
Tennessee Garden millionaire

You are wondering if this post shall be helpful at all? Yes, it's very helpful and after reading this you can start earning thousands of dollars with your Tennessee Gardens.  I would like to go in detail on this one. Giving you the gits of how you can start earning money through your plants that are planted in your garden.

What are Tennessee Gardens?

Tennessee Gardens are simply Gardens from Tennessee made and owned by Tennessee residence.  Yes, I'm talking about the USA state of Tennessee. It's relatively has a small pollution in comparison with big states like Washington DC and New York City.

Why Do I think Tennessee Gardens have Value?

Tennessee Gardens have very high value. It's not just in the cinematic beauty that most of these Gardens have rather the type of revenue these mere Gargens could give you.

I realised they had an enormous value when I asked a friend of mine who stays in Tennessee to click one of my Google ads and I was instantly paid $1.23 from that.

I know the same can't be said about Everyone running a website since they are a number of factors involved  but still those 2 clicks he gave me where enough to make me brainstorm of this crazy idea.

How to turn Tennessee Gargens into a million dollars

It sounds crazy, but it's not that crazy infact If 1 ad click from a Tennessee resident gives you $1.23 that means you just need about 600,000 vistors and you will be called a millionaire.

It's simple maths that just might work. You have your garden you are in Tennessee, Tennessee people love Gardens, they will go crazy with the pictures. They Fancy beautiful, stunning plants Photos. You will obviously get tones of impressions on various social media platforms. And the most rewarding of these impressions shall come from your website. 

To turn a Tennessee garden into a million dollars, you need tones of people from Tennessee and you need a website that has picture of your Tennessee Garden. Start of small but in theory 1 click shall be worth $1.6 based on this 600,000 clicks shall get you approx $1,000,000. It's good to go some  Maths. I have been practical on this one.

How did I know social media users will love it?

I'm a big fan of new media or technology. You can call me a nerd I won't mind. While checking  on Facebook I realised something. Tennessee people where into gardens and that  their one ad click value was worth $2 approx.  

The likes and attention they showed when a Tennessee Garden picture was posted made me think about money. How much money would one earn if he or she starts writting and posting about Tennessee Gardens? How much would their pictures be worth if they publish them online and get the same kind of attention? Alot, you would get tones of money hundreds of not thousands a day.

How to create a website for your Tennessee Gargens

To make money out of your Tennessee Gargens you need to have a website for them.  You might not be good at coding same here, I suck at it, yet I have a website and I will teach you how you can make a website the easy way. 

Making a website the easy way Involves you going  on envort and buying an already made script which you can simply install and start running.  Already made scripts which I might suggest for you are  Pixelphoto. 

You can't go wrong with this one. It's like an Instagram clone perfect for photo sharing and selling.

The next step involves getting yourself a Domain name and some website hosting.  Write a very good name on GoDaddy you can get an expired domain name or register a new one. it's all up to you. Next on the list get yourself some website hosting and you will be set to go.

Do Tennessee garden niche have high compettion?

Every niche has high compettion but If you are trying to make a site for your garden pictures and that site is Tennessee only. I see you owning a Lamborghini. It will take a while for you to rank but once you rank things will and shall start going your way easily.  Remember the goal is to turn your garden or every Tennessee Gargden picture  into something that will bring in a million dollars.

How to drive traffic to your Tennessee Gargden website

This is where most turn back, getting traffic is hard and it can be very challenging. You aren't a celebrity you don't have a lot of followers so there are lots of draw backs in the field.  

Yet, take it from me. Any one can drive traffic to their website even you.  There are a number of ways in which you can start getting instant engagement. I didn't start off this article without sourcing out the awesome ways in which you can turn your Tennessee Gargden into a million dollars.

How then can you drive traffic to your site.

1.Share on  Facebook

The Gargden website should be shared on Tennessee filled Facebook Groups. We want your fellow Tennessee people to learn of your hardwork and toil. So sharing the website with them is one way of making your presence known.

Target Facebook groups that have Tennessee people like I said there is already high engagement when it comes to showing interest in Tennessee Gargden pictures.

You will get around 50 to 33 likes and that's enough for one day. If those were website clicks approx. 60 dollars and more. So you will be on a good start.

Facebook is my go to place when it comes to sharing content yet I don't just share on Facebook. I share the link on flipboard and then Facebook. Just to stay on the safer side.

 2.  Share on Twitter
My friend calls it the bird app, she's into Twitter and Twitter will very much help you with your Millionaire goals. Sharing it on Twitter putting hash tags that your fellow Tennessee residence shall find value in will benefit you. Imagine it reaching 5000 people and you getting those precious clicks it's everyone's dream. 

Twitter gets millions of users a day and you will get a share in some of that traffic

 3.  Share your  links on Pinterest

Everyone wants to see your beautiful looking Tennessee Gargden Followers. I want to see them Everyone wants to see them. Mostly people from Tennessee share the link on Pinterest. Yes, that site which is made for pictures you can't go wrong here again you will get tones of traffic and authority to your Tennessee Gargden.

How to get your self paid for your hardwork on your Garden

You have worked so hard, set things up nicely but this doesn't mean money. We haven't talked of money coming in we haven't talked about millions on your door

Now it's high time that we should. Obviously your website has been up and running for days, you have made and created content that is very good and helpful. By helpful I mean you might be sharing how to pictures and getting others inspired to try out your flowers.

Now one process remains to turn that Gargden into a million dollars

 1.  Apply for Google adsense
 2.  Customize your site for ads clicks
 3.  Continue creating content
 4.  Relax in 2 to 4 years you will hit your millions.

Still not convinced?

How did 2 adsense clicks give me $3.45 ?

My friend is an artists, he lives in Tennessee. It's a good State. But not highly populated like Washington DC. His a simple guy, he likes digital art and his very skilled in comparison with me. I asked him to click one of my ads, I was just testing the value of my website ads and it turned out to be more than what I expected. I tried something else and realised it is because of where he comes from.

His from the state of Tennessee, I was excited. I realised something more could be done here what are people in Tennessee interested in.
Through Facebook search I found out, they like Gardens. 

Gardens and Tennessee Gargden pictures.  The impressions and activities on the group made me think of a business model one worth a million dollars in theory. 

Can a Tennessee Gargden really be worth a million dollars?

Yes, imagine 500k clicks on your ads and this should be all from Tennessee? It's beyond $1 million dollars already. You have great content, you can turn that Gargden passion into something amazing. Helping you with insurance and other expenses.

In our Digital age, anything can be turned into gold those pictures you take off your Gargden are priceless.


I edge you to give this idea a shot, you might just do well! Turning your simple Tennessee Gargden into a million dollars could be a reality for you. As you have seen the potential is truly there.