Huw Edwards Named as BBC Presenter Amid Allegations: Timeline of Events

Stay updated on the allegations and speculation surrounding BBC presenter Huw Edwards. Get a timeline of events, including the allegations of explicit photos, inappropriate contact, police involvement, and the presenter's mental well-being. Explore the unfolding situation and its impact on the BBC.

Huw Edwards Named as BBC Presenter Amid Allegations: Timeline of Events

Huw Edwards, the BBC presenter at the center of recent allegations and speculation, has been identified following days of intense media attention

Huw Edwards has been identified as the BBC presenter involved in a series of allegations. The Sun newspaper initially reported that the unnamed presenter was accused of paying a young individual for explicit photos, which was followed by additional claims of inappropriate contact.

Here's a timeline of the key events:


Concerned parents of the young person contacted South Wales Police, but no criminal activity was identified.

Thursday, 18 May:

A family member lodged a complaint about the BBC presenter's behavior at a BBC building.

Friday, 19 May:

The complaint was escalated to the BBC's corporate investigations team, which deemed it a serious matter requiring further investigation. The director general, Tim Davie, emphasized the gravity of the complaint.

Tuesday, 6 June:

The investigations team attempted to reach out to the complainant via email and phone but received no response.

Thursday, 6 July:

The Sun newspaper informed the BBC about the allegations against Huw Edwards, prompting the establishment of an incident management group by the BBC. Edwards was notified about the allegations, and it was agreed that he would not appear on air during the investigation.

Friday, 7 July:

The Sun published an article in which the mother claimed that the unnamed BBC presenter paid their child for explicit photos. The BBC released a statement vowing to take appropriate action and informed the Metropolitan Police.

Sunday, 9 July:

The BBC suspended a male staff member and initiated efforts to ascertain the facts promptly.

Monday, 10 July:

Representatives from the BBC met with detectives from the Metropolitan Police's Specialist Crime Command, although no formal investigation was underway at that time.

Tuesday, 11 July:

During a press conference, the BBC's director general acknowledged the need to improve response time to such complaints. Another individual came forward with allegations against the presenter, stating that they felt threatened by him.

Wednesday, 12 July:

Following an assessment, the police determined that no criminal offense had been committed. Huw Edwards' wife, Vicky Flind, publicly disclosed his identity and revealed his ongoing struggle with mental health issues.

It should be noted that Huw Edwards intends to address the allegations once he has recovered and is able to respond.