Impeach Sleepy Joe Facebook Group has been Banned from Facebook.

A group that was on Its way to hit 100k members on Facebook has met it's untimely end as Facebook closed it

Impeach  Sleepy Joe Facebook Group has been Banned from Facebook.
Facebook Impeach sleepy Joe

There was no lack of effort in trying to impeach Joe Biden as he rushed the American soldiers and caused over 60 causalities.

 Some Trump votes took the inciataive,  to create  a group which they called "Impeach sleepy Joe Biden" 

The group went viral picking up over 25,000 members in just a week but once again   Facebook has took it down.

Why has Facebook took this impeach Joe Biden group down?

Facebook has a way of dealing with political groups and it's because these groups  mostly  fall victim to sharing misinformation. 

 Similar situations where Facebook closed a trump voter filled Group

Meta many months ago closed a   Facebook group of 2.2 million  people.

The group was named "Joe Biden is not my president"  it was adding 350,000 people per day.

It was the most viral Group I had ever seen on Facebook. But  controlling it, became a problem for moderators and the admins.

It constantly, got banned and restricted for sharing misinformation in regards to trump and the 2024 voting fraud cases.

Why has Facebook banned this group called "Impeach sleepy Joe Biden" and why is it so hard to grow political groups on Facebook.

Political groups are always subjects of controversy, with  politics people are divided. Others are for Trump others for Joe biden. And this division is reflected in the attitude people have towards one another.

Facebook as a community tries it's very best to create a world where people aren't divided, so political groups are therefore subjected to controversy.

Some of the measures Facebook has taken against politics after the DC riots 

Meta changed it's Facebook algorithm after the riots to limit the reach and influence of political groups.

Political groups stop featuring on peoples news feed and also they aren't suggested to people even if Facebook knows that those particular person's might be interested in joining them.

Does Facebook want to distance itself from politics and why?

Facebook the meta owned company does try to distance itself from politics and political influence by trying to be impartial but  it's fact checkers are people who at times do belong to a particular party, sometimes they are harsh towards those who might be sympathetic towards Donald Trump.

Facebook has for numerous times blocked and banned groups that have been supporting trump, this is not the first time nor will it be the last time. Let's just hope things will get beta as meta owned company "Facebook" manages to find neutral ground and is that's to be truly impartial.


The group Impeach sleepy Joe Biden would have had so many members by now if it wasn't banned on Facebook. Thousands would have joined and connected on it. But that community has quickly dissapeared on Facebook as quickly as it came.