Impeach Sleepy Joe Biden Facebook Now Has 19,000 Members in just 1 week

A Facebook group named Impeach Sleepy Joe Biden is threading and in just days it has added 19,000 Americans.

Impeach Sleepy Joe Biden Facebook Now Has 19,000 Members in just 1 week
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A newly made Facebook group is seriously on its way to hit hundreds of thousands of Members as it has grown to 19,000 members in just 1 week. This group has come at a time when The current president of the United States of America Joe Biden is facing tough criticism after his intentions of quickly withdrawing Americans from Afghanistan's has lead to the loss of 13 American marines, 60 Afghanistan's and over 100 people had been injured during twin bomb attacks at the Kabul Airport.

Why Is the group Impeach Joe Biden Growing

The Joe Biden Group is Growing incredibly fast because, the Americans who voted for Trump are seeing the mess that Joe Biden is in, and would like to take advantage and impeach him, if possible. Many People have seen the immediate withdrawal of USA troops from Afghanistan as a sign of weakness and that, it was not done in an orderly way which has lead to the death of countless lives.

The administration of Joe Biden in response to these tuff accusations sent a drone strike that killed what the pentagon believed to be the head of Taliban Operations who was probably the one who advanced the twin Airpot bombing.

Is a group like Impeach Joe Biden Acceptable on Facebook

Having a group like this one is acceptable on Facebook, but the chances of strict Facebook censorship are very high. For instance, many months ago a similar group called  Joe Biden is not My president went viral on Facebook and in just 14 days it added over 2 million people who were mostly trumped supporters.

Is Facebook Still Hard on Trump Groups?

Facebook modified its algorithm to stop recommending political groups to people, in an effort to avoid creating havoc like what happened during the Washington DC riots. The Facebook algorithm was also modified to not show political group posts on news feeds as a way of trying to limit people from being influenced by Political agendas that might otherwise be very harmful to them or in the long term.

Will this Group Grow to Have 2 Million Members as well?

On Facebook, it might, The signs are there and they are pointing in the right direction. This group is bound to become major among numerous trump supporters who feel like Joe Biden or how they refer to him as sleepy Joe deserves to be held Accounterbale for his dealings with Afaginstan which has lead to several marine causalities.

Facebook, blocked and completely deleted the former Mega trump group that had over 2.1 million members for violating policy since its moderators and group admins were said to be unreliable leaders as they failed to moderate posts.


Those who feel like Joining the group can join via this link (Impeach Sleepy Joe Biden ) it’s unknown how this group will end up, we are also unsure whether it will accomplish its purpose but the signs are pointing to a positive start, adding over 19,000 members in a matter of days shows how viral It is becoming. If you missed the ride on the member trump group that was adding 300,000 members a day, join this other one and enjoy watching A Facebook group growing viral.