How to Transfer emails From Gmail account to Outlook - In Easy Steps

Have no idea how to transfer emails from a Gmail account to Outlook? so here are the best, unique and finest manual and professional ways to import emails from Gmail account to Outlook. I'll make sure this blog will be best for you.

How to Transfer emails From Gmail account to Outlook - In Easy Steps
How to Transfer emails From Gmail account to Outlook - In Easy Steps

How to Transfer emails From Gmail account to Outlook - In Easy Steps 

If you are transfer email from Gmail account to outlook? And Do you want to move email from Gmail Account to Outlook? If yes, then this blog is the best for you. In this article, we will discuss "how to transfer email from Gmail account to Outlook" in easy methods.

Gmail is the most popular email client and cloud-based email server. Most Interner users prefer to use Gmail due to its best feature as it offers multiple features, Even it's very easy to use you can use it anywhere easily.

Why do need to move email from Gmail account to Outlook?

  1. Outlook provides you the best multiple ways to track down what users looking for.
  2. Outlook reacts as a cloud as well as provides you more storage to store your data in a PST file format.
  3. Gmails users don't need to have a way to sort email by size.
  4. It is easy to use and handle non-technical and technical users for both.
  5. This is easy to access on your mobile ph, Outlook and Gmail both support mobile phones.

Export emails from  Gmail account to Outlook

If you have an active Gmail account then you can easily access Outlook and import your data, but if you don't have an active Gmail account then you can't access your data Manual Method. Above all, then you have to purchase our SysTools Gmail Backup Software. It helps you to provide easily import emails from your Gmail account to Outlook with an active account or without active account items of your data in PST file format. 

Method 1: - Professionally Method Import emails from Gmail account to Outlook

Gmail is comfortable webmail that has a rich feature. But, a big issue is data loss it is very horror. That’s why we make SysTools Gmail Backup it is an emerging tool and easy to use. That has the topmost and latest features incorporated with the premium interface to backup Gmail emails, calendars, contacts, Google drive documents for a premise platform. SysTools have the latest tool key features like a backup of Gmail emails multiple file formats like EML, MSG, MBOX, PST, PDf, etc. and the best thing is that all-in- tool download google contact and contacts labels are also backed up with VCF 2.1 version format. SysTools giving the best feature and easy method to use this software. The best thing is you can also try the free demo version of this software but the term and conditions are a demo version is you cannot back up fully. In addition, details are given below:

  1. Click on the “download” button to start Gmail Backup.
  2. Then, You have to open the software.
  3. Now, Put in your Gmail Account and Passwords for the backup process
  4. Then, You have to activate your download software on your PC with the Gmail Account.
  5. After that, select the file format, this some file format available file formats are below:
    PDF Export, VCF Export, MSG Export, PST Export, MBOX Export, CSV Export, ICS Export, EML Export
  6. Now, Select the file formate for Gmail Data Backup like the “PST” file formate.
  7. Finally, click the "start" icon to start Import the Gmail Data.

Method 2: - Manually Method Migrate emails from Gmails account to Outlook

Gmail Backup by manually if you have active Gmail then, you can easily do this you have to download Outlook.

1. Step: Firstly, you have to sign/login into your account on Outlook, If you don't have an account so create your account in Outlook.

2. Step: After that, click on the "Inbox" button.

3. Step: Then, go for the "Setting" button given below the left upper side.

4. Step: Now, Select more mail setting icon.

5. Step: After that, "Managing your Account" under the option "Import Gmail Account" click this option.

6. Step: Then, Choose from where you want to import your account. Click on the Google icon Gmail with Contacts.

7. Step: Click the start button. 

8. Step: Sign/login your Gmail account those [email protected] like this. 

9. Step: Grant Outlook access to your Gmail account by click Accept button. Then, Ask you for the size of your inbox. After that, wait for some seconds for the load next page.

10. Step:  Now, Outlook begins to import information from your Gmail account, which can take some time of yours. The good news is that you don't have to wait for this process. If closing your browser and shutting down your PC will not affect the Migrate Gmail Data process.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Outlook support the MBOX files?
No, it does not support the MBOX file.

Is Outlook or Outlook Express are same?
No, Outlook or Outlook Express both are different platform Outlook support PST file and It doesn't support MacMail but on the other hand, Outlook Express support MacMail.

The SysTools Gmail Backup Software is Safe?
yes, The SysTools Gmail Backup Software is 100% Safe.


In the following write-up steps, we have discussed a solution Professionally and Manually with the perfect screenshot pictures to the query about “How to Transfer Emails from  Gmail Account to Outlook“. Also, we have listed a step-wise workaround that lets users seamlessly perform the conversion in an easy process. Even every non-technical or technical professional can easily execute the migration process for good.