India's best trekking places

Goechala Dzongri Trek, Sikkim with BanBanjara. Guide, Meals, Transportation, Camping, all-inclusive package With the Goecha la trek , explore the eastern Himalayas ! the enchanting charisma of the north east offers a delight that is goecha la , a high mountain pass , 50 km from the capital of city of Gangtok in sikkim . it stands thriving in the Kanchenjunga nation park region Amidest Himalayas ranges , streams meandering through meadow and lush forests .

India's best trekking places
India's best trekking places

Goechala Trek - 

The Goechala Trek is located at a height of 16207 feet and it is an important trek settled at Sikkim.  It contains a large collection of scenic beauty surrounding the Goechala Trek it becomes one of the most loved and frequented trekking zones for many trekkers. While you trek further by the mountain trails you will come to the still lake; Samiti will provide you with a panoramic view of Pandim peak from there and will also enchant you with the mesmerizing Thangshing on the way. But the Samiti Lake also bursts in its full glory as the sky above and the Pandim peak casts their reflection on the crystal waters of the lake. Goechala trek will also offer its visitors the magnificent sunrise over the horizons above Kanchenjunga Peak that casts a bright, golden hue over the top of the Kanchenjunga ranges; though you will be barred from crossing over the Goechala Pass you can be a part of the naturalistic beauty of the scene from Dzongri and ViewPoint 1. Goechala was not at all a famous trekking spot once but after the Nepalese Civil War from 1996 to 2006, it became a popular trekking-tourist spot that narrates the incidents of the war and offers a blissfulness of nature's mesmerizing beauty by offering a view of the fourteen great peaks along with the third-highest peak; Kanchenjunga Peak. If you are thinking about visiting the Goechala Trek because of the rhododendrons then it is always advisable to visit from April to May, that is, during the springtime.

Hampta Pass -

If you are thinking about going out on an adventurous trekking journey through the snow-capped mountains located in the higher altitudes, filled with lush green meadows on the mountain patches and dense thick forests containing a large number of Oak trees and Pine Trees; walk through the scenic tour through the rocky mountain trails with the gushing waters from the rivers and streams but there exists no human habitat residing within the area will be guaranteed to you at the Hampta Pass Trek. An adventurous journey through nature's divine kingdom will provide you with such an amazing experience on your visit. You will feel the serenity of the Heavenly realms engulfing you towards itself. And if you are thinking about using the mountain trails of the higher altitudes then you might have to cut through a few difficulties.

Bhrigu Lake Trek -

Leaving for a lump sum trekking at the Bhrigu Lake is just like being one with nature and it is one of the most preferred by the trekkers to those who are just beginners in the trekking field. 

The sun rising after dawn on the snow-capped mountain horizon charms its visitors to trek in bliss. The sanctified Bhrigu lake provides a panoramic view of the trekkers and you can feel the divine guidance while you are at the Bhrigu Lake Trekking spot. The Pine tree will fan away from your stress from the journey you undertook. The warm waters rushing from the beautiful springs in the sphere of Vasisht village, take a dip in it as it will enable you to slack off from the pain and bring tranquillity to your soul.