Jeff Bezos Goes to Space via a Space D*ck

Jeff Bezo Who spent Over 5 billion Dollars to have a space trip for just 4 minutes actually went to space with a rocket ship that resembles a male penis.

Jeff Bezos Goes to Space via a Space D*ck
Jeff Bezos Amazon CEO

The richest man in the world made history as he has successfully pioneered space travel. 
It cost Jeff Bezzo over $5,000,000,000 but he made it and experienced 4 minutes of space-time before descending back to earth

What was sticking about this unusual Bezos trip?

Bezo made headline news despite being beat by another Billionaire who is Based in the UK " Sir Richard Branson  " claims he is the first world Billionaire to experience space travel and he has beaten Jeff Bezos to that title.

Yet Bezos trip attracted the most attention because a lot of people were eager to see who would be on board, they were curious how this would all turn out or even if he would make it back to earth. In addition to this Jeff's rocket design literally looks like a dick.

Jeff went to space with the  A D*CK of Doom

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The richest person on earth isn't shy when it comes to high spending. He had recently brought a Yacht which cost him $500 Million. Yes, half a billion dollars. The money you don't see in movies yet he spends more than this in a single day.

Bezos ship was Designed to keep him and the others safe but one might still wonder why it looked and resembled a male's penis?

A famous radio host even joked about it on his podcast but the joke was real. Referring to the design of the rocket Joe  Rogan called Jeff Bezzo "rocket the Robot  Space Dick"

Does Jeff Bezos Rocket Look and Resemble A D*ck?

Looking at it from all angles one can not miss the fact that it really Does look like one. We have no idea why it was designed this way but it surely makes anyone with a curious brain laugh.

How many people went with Bezos to Space

The joy ride might have lasted just 4 Minutes but it cost Bezos over $5,000,0000,000 and several over people some money as well.
Bezo went to space with his blood brother, an 18-year-old boy( Oliver Daemen), and a 86 year old woman who has always wanted to travel to space since she was born (Wally Funk)

The 18-year-old replaced the mystery passager who bought the rocket ticket at a record-breaking $28,000,000 only to say he wouldn't make it due to the fact that he is busy. So in his place, the 18-year-old took over to replace him. Yes, they paid $28,000,000 just to spend 4 minutes in space.

What did Bezos say once he landed

Bezzo thanked Amazon workers for making this trip possible. These very words got him backslashed on social media as numerous people attacked him and said his spending billions just to experience 4 minutes of space while those people his thanking can hardly afford  affordable housing and live paycheck to paycheck

Bezo has been getting so much criticism lately, even a clip that went viral showed him 3 days ago getting mocked by a couple. Someone accused him of not treating his worker's failure as they were rumors that some of Jeff Bezos employees are forced to work in large Warehouses and urinate in bottles whenever they want to help themselves out.

Is Jeff Bezos the first-ever Billionaire to reach Space?

He might have been the first-ever American Billionaire to make it to space beating the likes of Elon Musk and several others but he isn't the first Billionaire to go to space someone called from the UK " has beaten him on that title.


Jeff Bezos is living his best life at the moment. He had very humble beginnings selling books online but now he owns one of the most successful companies in the world "Amazon" people might be hating him, for he spends so much money doing things that aren't even helping the world yet it's his money there is nothing we can do about it rather watch as these Billionaires space race.