Joe Biden Criticized for using a fake white house set

Trump had the green screen scandal, everyone talked about it like crazy. Sleepy Joe Biden has a Lego like fake white house set and we think people should equally be concerned. Check out Joe Biden fake white house set,

Joe Biden Criticized for using a fake white house set
Joe Biden fake white house set


 Joe Biden happened to use a fake white house set, where he is seen sitting down and taking the third shot of the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine.

The 46th president is the oldest USA president in history. There might be a handful of reasons why he must have chosen to act this way, maybe the journey to the Whitehouse was a little too much for the old man, and his administration decided that they should simply fake this and stage the white house setting. 

What else is Joe Biden faking? 

We don't know for sure what else this man is faking, but according to this picture which is circulating on fox news channel. Joe Biden is seen in a fake set doing things for the camera. Former president Donald Trump  fake set scandal as president, was when he used a green screen in the famous green screen scandal.  Everyone seemed concerned of it, yet no one is taking about Joe Biden and his Lego like white house. 

What else should people expect from Joe Biden 

Well, The hope for any presidential regime is that, it should deliver on its promises and hopefully despite this picture. Joe Biden, who happens to be the oldest president in human history in the united might still deliver on his promises "might".

Fact checking

Some sources say the picture has been manipulated and that Joe Biden was in fact somewhere that looked similar to the white house. And that this shot was taken on live TV as shown here,but i leave it up, to you cause based on the camera Angles i really can't make anything out of it.

  Is Joe Biden old age a concern for Americans? 

This is often not said, but it can be felt in the atmosphere. Joe Biden is mocked as sleepy Joe because he often doses off during meetings and conferences.   The president is old, his old age is catching up to him. Like that time, he tripped and almost fell down the stairs  of a plane. 

Another concern is, what would happen if Joe Biden decides to retire or something worse happens? Will the vice president who happens to be Kamara Harris; have what it takes to be the first ever American female president?

That we aren't sure and it's a question only the future will answer. As of now we only know one thing. Joe Biden once used a fake white house set.