Joe Biden Is Not My President 

Joe Biden Is Not My President is among the popular Facebook group names given by Trump supporters to their groups. Do you know just how Popular this name is on Facebook? if you do not, read this article it might enlighten you.

Joe Biden Is Not My President 
Joe Biden Is Not My President  Facebook groups

These words have been around for over 5 years, and are popular on Facebook. Numerous Trump supporter groups carry the name Joe Biden is not my president and for all the right reasons. Those who are loyal to Trump and those who do not support some of the ideologies of the current sitting president, understand just how popular the words Joe Biden is not my president are.

How popular are the words Joe Biden is not my president?

To understand the popularity of these words, we just have to look at the number of votes and support Trump had throughout the 2020 election and also his online popularity on the  Internet.  Equipped with this Knowles we can estimate how many Americans associate themselves to Joe Biden is not my president phrase.

Trump had over 78 Million votes during the last election which saw him lose his presidential sit to his rival Joe Biden, but these 78 Million fans made sure that the words Joe Biden is not my president made a mark.

How did the words Joe Biden is Not my president Made A Mark after the election?

After the Election and during the aftermath of the rumors of voting fraud, Trump supporters made a Facebook community that added over 2 million members in a record time of 30+ days! 

The name which the mega-group had was "Joe Biden is not my president" and this mega group grew larger  Every day because its pro-Trump Members contributed to the growth by inviting more of their friends and these newbies all shared their opinions on the election.

So on the 78 Million people who were active on Facebook around 2 million of them joined the group called Joe Biden is not my president cause that's how they felt when the results came out.

How old is the phrase Joe Biden is not my president

From our data we found out that the words Joe Biden is not my president is a phrase that's about 4-5 years old, we got the age from studying the dates and times when the oldest Facebook group named "Joe Biden is not my president" were created. According to our data, we traced them back 5 years from now.

How did the mega-group disappear with little to no media coverage?

It's quite unknown to everyone why Facebook took down, one of the biggest growing communities. that was ever created on its platform so silently and why it never made headline news, but Facebook has been known to silencing political voices, this is even noted in the updates it made to its algorithm. Which prevents political content from appearing on people's news feeds, and Political inspired groups like Joe Biden are not my president's Facebook groups from appearing as recommended groups for joining.

What happened for the Joe Biden is not my president Group to close?

Facebook fact-checkers made an argument that the group was violating Facebook community standards and they later went all the way from just Censoring content to completely deleting the group form ever existing on the platform.

How many groups Carry the Name Joe Biden is Not my president Facebook group

Numerous small groups carry the iconic name Joe Biden is not my president, some of the groups are even 5-4 years old and people who are in the group show their support for Donald Trump and wisely wait for his return in 2024.

Did the small Joe Biden is not my president get affected when The mega Million membered Group was Deleted?

Yes, quickly after Making the decision to ban, and delete the Joe Biden is not my president Facebook group that have 2 million members the smaller groups also got Censored,  

Facebook made a statement that appeared on these other small groups saying "People who are in this group were those who were in the other one which got banned so this group is also going to be Censored for a while"

The Censoring included, people not being able to share content from the group, and group Administrators forcibly made to moderate content that has been posted.

Are there any Items people can Buy Called Joe Biden is Not my President

Yes,there are and with just a few keywords typed on Google you can shop your own via Amazon.

Are there any Groups entitled Donald Trump is not my president?

Yes they are, and it's the exact opposite of Joe Biden is not my president's Facebook group but they aren't as popular as the groups of the loyal fans that support Trump. 

Trump when he was president, had over  80 million followers and his popularity is felt across all internet platforms, so groups that are called Donald Trump is not my president are hardly popular.