Know what are the effects of Mangal Dosh on life

Mangal Dosha is a type of Hindu superstition which is very much dominant in India. It means when a person is born under the influence of Mars, then that person has 'Mangal Dosh'.

Know what are the effects of Mangal Dosh on life
Know what are the effects of Mangal Dosh on life

We Hindus are very much prone to astrology and believe in various planets which govern our life. Some of the people believe in it, and some don't. There are so many kinds of tools and reading which are done like tarot card reading, numerology reading, astrology reading, etc., which tells us which planet is in our favour and which is not. Similarly, Mangal Dosha is a type of Hindu superstition which is very much dominant in India. It means when a person is born under the influence of Mars, then that person has 'Mangal Dosh', or it is also called that the person is 'Manglik'. There are many myths about Manglik people, especially when it comes to their marriage. This article will learn about the Mangal Dosha meaning and the ill effects that a Manglik or a Mangal Dosha have on life. 

Meaning of Mangal Dosha

Mangal Dosha is known to be an astrological drawback or a hindrance in the astrology of a person. According to the Vedic astrology predictions, Mangal is called planet mars. And as per the horoscope chart of a person, an astrological situation occurs when the planet mars arise on the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th houses. Then that person is known to have Mangal Dosha and are called Mangliks. When we examine the astrological chart of a person, there are a total of 12 houses, and if planet mars are present in any of the previously mentioned houses, then it will result in Mangal Dosha. There are other names to it as well, such as Angarakha Dosha, Kuja Dosha, and Boom Dosha. It's believed that a Manglik person should not marry a non-Manglik as it will lead to the early death of their spouse. To prevent this, a Manglik has to marry any tree, animal, or any object first to remove the consequences. 

Features of Mangal Dosha

  • Individuals of both genders can be Manglik. 
  • The planet of Mars addresses regard, energy, personality and confidence. Along these lines, one with the Mangal Dosha has an unstable temper. Manglik people accordingly face a ton of issues in bowing and changing with their accomplices. 
  • The energy of Manglik people can measure up to that of fire. Thusly this energy should be utilized the correct way and in accomplishing something helpful, or else they may get merciless. 
  • Mangal Dosha also influences the wedded life, mental state and prompts monetary misfortune. 
  • On the off chance that a Manglik individual is brought into the world on Tuesday, the impacts are invalidated. 
  • Likewise, the marriage between two Manglik people drops the pessimistic impacts.

Effects of Mangal Dosha

Following are some of the Mangal Dosha effects-

  • When the Mars is arranged in the first house: 

The first house addresses the place of a mate. In this manner, it regularly influences the wedded life prompting superfluous contentions. It may likewise prompt actual attack and brutality. Because of such unsatisfactory conduct, such an individual may experience the ill effects of pressure, pain, division or even separation. 

  • When the Mars is arranged in the second house: 

An individual's everyday life is influenced. It additionally makes impediments in the wedded life and the expert life. 

  • When the Mars is arranged in the fourth house: 

This will have antagonistic impacts on the expert front. Such an individual will switch occupations and won't be fruitful expertly. The monetary difficulty will continue to hide. 

  • At the point in life when Mars is arranged in the seventh house: 

Such an individual has a lot of energy and will be cranky, bringing about not having the option to keep up a cheerful relationship with relatives. Additionally, this individual will be extremely ruling and directing over their accomplice, and s/he may likewise have numerous accomplices. 

  • At the point in life when Mars is in the eighth house: 

Such an individual will want and won't keep compatibility with their seniors and, consequently, lose the fatherly property. 

  • When the Mars is arranged in the twelfth house: 

Manglik people will have adversaries. The person will likewise experience the ill effects of mental issues and monetary misfortunes.

Remedies for Mangal Dosha

The great part is that the evil impacts of Mangal Dosha can be alleviated if the cure is followed with complete commitment; one can even kill something very similar. Coming up next are a portion of the Manglik or Mangal dosh cures that Top Astrologers in India ordinarily suggest. In the beginning, the ideal age for a local with Mangal Dosha in Kundali to get hitched is over 28 years old. Since it is accepted that the force of Mangal Dosh is decreased significantly at that point. Following are some of the Mangal Dosha remedies-

  • The usually suggested answer for Manglik or Mangal dosh is to get a couple hitched, where both experience the ill effects of a similar Dosha. Since two negatives make one certain, this is one of the cures which a specialist soothsayer would normally suggest, particularly when the Mangal dosh is low in force. With two individuals experiencing the equivalent dosha, the Manglik Dosha gets invalidated. 
  • Kumbh Vivah: This is another cure where a local is made to wed a banyan or a peepal tree first. It is after this function, the lady of the hour and husband to be are permitted to wed one another. This is normally suggested when the Manglik Dosh is extreme. 
  • Reciting Mantra: This is another straightforward cure suggested by most Top Astrologers of India. Particularly Navagraha or Gayathri Mantra on each Tuesday. Thusly, the local is eased, gradually from the grip of Manglik or Mangal Dosh. 
  • Fasting on Tuesdays: This is again a straightforward technique that is done unceasingly to diminish the evil impacts of Mangal dosh. This should likewise be possible by the locals who experience the ill effects of Mangal dosh and are hitched to one another. 
  • A local with Manglik dosh is likewise encouraged to wear coral diamond implanted in copper or a silver ring. This would channelize the energies well. 
  • The local experiencing Manglik Dosh is additionally encouraged to wear a silver wristband on the left hand. This would help give alleviate the evil impacts of Manglik Dosha. 
  • Take Red Lentil and Jaggery and feed something very similar to Cows on Tuesdays. 

Thus, you should get a mangal dosha to check to ensure the future and take necessary steps before.