Left without hope - now what

Left behind without hope. How many Americans are really still stranded? Is Biden getting them out or will he leave them just behind?

Left without hope - now what
Left without hope - now what
Left without hope - now what
Left without hope - now what

After the deduction

The troops have left Afghanistan. But have all Americans and allies really been evacuated? How many have been left without hope? It is reported that there are still Americans in the country. Citizens who did not make it to the airport in time. But what does Biden say about it? 'The war is not over yet. American citizens are trapped.

The Biden administration just left them behind. 100 U.S. Government reporters are still in Afghanistan. We do not know how many citizens are still there. How was that again with “We don't leave anyone behind?”. The Afghan exit was a success ”. No, Joey, that who he doesn't. You surrendered to terrorists and put the lives of your citizens at risk. 13 service members lost their lives.

Same with psaki. Now you want to persuade the people that these citizens have stayed behind voluntarily. You could have just come to the airport. Really Joey? But then I heard quite a few other things.

Mark Levin: Do you hear the screams of the Afghans, America?                      

Hope was taken from them

There are Americans at the airport in Kabul. You made your way to the gate. You wave your passport. The unimaginable happens. You are turned away. The soldiers wanted to let the Americans through. The state department and its chain of command did not allow it. See video.

The return of the fallen

If soldiers are killed in war or if they are killed in cowardly attacks, the president of the respective country shows his respect. Towards the fallen and the bereaved. The mother of a marine killed in Kabul says Biden rolled his eyes when she remembered her son during the meeting. Shana Chappell wrote to Biden: 'I know my face is engraved on your brain'.

An emotional letter from a grieving mother

This message is for you. I know my face is engraved on your brain. I was able to look you straight in the eye and talk to you yesterday. After I've laid my son to rest, you'll see me again! Remember, I am the one who stood 5 inches from your face and let you know that I would never hug my son again, hear his laugh. And then you tried to interrupt me and tell me your own sob story.

And I had to tell you 'it's not about you, so don't do it about you !!!'
You said you just wanted me to know, that you would know how I feel. And I let you know you don't know how I feel. You then rolled your damn eyes in your head like you were mad at me.

And I told you that the only reason I spoke to you was out of respect for my son. And that was the only reason I told you then. Once again, how you took my son away from me and how I will never hug him, kiss him, laugh again, laugh with him, etc ...

You turned to walk away and I let you know that my son's blood was on your hands and then you threw your hand behind you as you walked away from me like you were saying 'ok whatever !! You are not the President of the United States.

Fraud is not a win. You are not a leader of any kind. You are a weak person and a traitor! You turned your back on my son and all of our heroes !! You're leaving the White House one way or another because you don't belong there. My son's blood is on your hands.

All 13, their blood is on your hands !!! If my President Trump were in his rightful place, my son and the other heroes would be still alive. You will see me again very soon !!!

BTW, when my son and the rest of our fallen heroes were taken off the plane yesterday, I saw you disregard us all 5 different times by looking at your watch! What the hell was so important that you had to keep checking your watch ??? You are not special, Biden !!! America hates you !!!

Shana Chappell

And more lies

The fact check claims that Biden looked at his watch at the end of the ceremony. Again it's covered up. Biden has absorbed heat on all sides for the chaotic evacuation of US troops, citizens, and allies from Afghanistan. But the claim that he looked at the clock instead of honoring the fallen soldiers is wrong. USA TODAY reached out to social media users who shared a request for comment.

However, this is in direct contradiction to eyewitness accounts, including families who lost their sons in the Kabul terrorist attack, with two Gold Star fathers, Darin Hoover and Mark Schmitz, who were eyewitnesses at the event, on record saying they were Biden Repeatedly checked his watch during the ceremony. And one of them says it's 'the most disrespectful thing he's ever seen.' According to them, it happened not just once, but a total of thirteen times.

Words fail me! Can you still represent something like that? It was also disrespectful to talk about his son. I can only put myself in the shoes of the family members of the fallen. The suffering, the pain, and the anger.

How did the fact check come about?

Snopes also conducted a 'fact check,' during which they verified the claim that Biden looked at his watch thirteen times. They rated it a 'mix' on the basis that there was 'no video or photo evidence to back up the claim that Biden checked his watch 13 times during this ceremony', as if these grieving families were lying to us all.

USA Today and Snopes are using their fake “fact checks” to deny claims made by two Gold Star fathers, the Gold Star mother and a widow, and provide no evidence that they are lying. Instead, their 'fact-checking' is based on a single C-SPAN video that is trimmed away from Biden for the majority of the ceremony. They don't have the full footage of what happened - and the only eyewitnesses disagree with their narrative.

Who are you going to believe, the partisan hacks on USA Today and Snopes, or the Gold Star families who saw with their own eyes what Biden was up to?

UPDATE: USA Today has since withdrawn its original claim and instead changed its rating to 'no context'. Is the out of context supposed to be that it was worse than they thought?

The list

Biden has also sent the Taliban a list of the names of Americans and allies of Afghanistan. Almost 100,000 people have been evacuated since the fall of Kabul in mid-August, most of whom had to pass through the many Taliban checkpoints.

But the decision to give specific names to the Taliban, which has a history of the brutal murder of Afghans who collaborated with the US and other coalition forces during the conflict, angered lawmakers and the military. 'Basically, they just put all these Afghans on a kill list,' said a defense official. 'It's just horrific and shocking and you feel dirty.'

The listing problem arose during a secret briefing on Capitol Hill that became controversial after senior officials in the Biden administration defended their close coordination with the Taliban. Biden officials claimed it was the best way to keep Americans and Afghans safe and prevent a gun war between Taliban fighters and the thousands of US troops stationed at the airport.

The Taliban celebrated their victory in Afghanistan by showing off heavily armored US military vehicles and a Black Hawk helicopter captured by the Afghan National Army, according to CNN Senior International Correspondent Sam Kiley. Joe Biden left Afghanistan, leaving behind US military equipment worth $ 85 billion.

No hope for Mohammad

The man who saved Biden in 2008 pleads for rescue from the Taliban. Mohammad and his ground forces commander retired U.S. Army captain Dennis Chamberlain, say the Taliban know his face and will kill him if they find him. Here is the interview.


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