Linkedin Will Nolonger Be Accessible in China As Company Decides To terminate it Due to China's Rules

Linkedin as had enough of China constant change of rules and Today it has announced that it will stop proving it's website services in china. Linkedin was the few top Western Website that was still easily accesed in cumminist ruled china as it had a good relationship with the Chinese government

Linkedin Will Nolonger Be Accessible in China As Company Decides To terminate it Due to China's Rules
Bill gates Microsoft owned LinkedIn decides to leave China

Most Chinese people hardly ever access the websites we access when they are browsing though the internet. Things like Google, Facebook  and even WhatsApp are inaccessible in China.

Linkedin is a Western  Microsoft owned Website that helps people connect with each other but most importantly find jobs based on their work experience and Skills. Linkedin has been  the only Western Website that was being used by China nationals without restrictions.

Why has Linkedin decided to move out it's services from China?

China is different from The United States.In China , private companies must always submit to the Communist party and comply to the rules of the government even if to the company; doing so, might mean neglecting ethical codes of conduct.

For instance, Facebook could be pressured to block some profiles simply because they are saying something that is contrary to what the China Government could want.

Linkedin was faced with the same Dilemma,  Linkedin in 2014, signed agreements with China to comply to the roles of the China state, but it looks like today in 2021. The relationship of Communist China and Linkedin has Soared as Linkedin the find a job and get employed oriented  Website has decided to leave China.

In a V blog the CEO expressed distress to China's new rules that seem to undermine the ethics of LinkedIn. For instance, China had various Journalist profiles taken down on the Linkedin Website. And this offended Linkedin to the extent where it thinks the relationship it had with china is nolonger what it used to be.

Is China Going To Suffer without Linkedin?

China is not going to suffer because one western website owned by Microsoft, has decided to end it's connection and relationship with China.

China in itself is a huge market place, where companies could desire to thrive in. It is estimated that china at the time has over 1.492 Billion people.

China might have a replacement at Hand and will not be affected if Linkin leaves.

China owns TikTok, and we all know how popular TikTok is, in a addition china has multiple national famous Websites and it  even owns its own  search engine which is  a clear alternative to the famous western famous search engine Google