Make The Most Of Your Carpet With These Tips!

It may be an aesthetic reason, it may be because you’ve got small children or it may be a decision to keep your floors warm from the A/C – whatever reason it may be, almost every household in Dubai has at least one carpet!

Make The Most Of Your Carpet With These Tips!
Carpet Cleaning in Dubai

While carpets seem like a great idea for visual purposes, it does seem to store quite a lot of dust, especially in a climate like Dubai. Other things stored in carpets are often dust mites, dead skin, and dirt!

Carpets require a deep clean once every 6 months by a professional company, but in between such cleans there is a lot you can do to maintain a clean environment and a carpet that only you live on!

Always clean your carpet immediately if you’ve spilled some food or drink, this eliminates the breeding ground for mites, that absolutely look over everything you spill on the carpet, after all, it is what they eat! Vacuum, and dab with a clean cloth soaked in soap and water, dry the space, and spray some disinfectant on as soon as possible!

Always remember to blot and not rub on a stain! It’s an instinct to rub dirt away but if you do so, you might work the stain into the fabric and possibly never be able to get rid of the stain after!  As you blot the stain away you are applying pressure on the spot that leads to the liquid being absorbed into the cloth or sponge you are using. Blotting inwards from outside the stain additionally ensures the stain doesn’t spread further leaving you with a spotless carpet!

Household vacuum cleaners don’t always do the job, and the dust simply rotates in your vacuum and around your house, if there is an opportunity, take the carpet out of the house and give it a good shake, that is already better and closer to a cleaner environment you can get without a professional deep clean (for now). After all, that’s exactly how our grandmas used to do it back in their day! If you must use a vacuum cleaner on your carpet, do it right; do it slowly enough to get out as much dirt as possible, even better – do it twice – this will ensure removal of ground-in dirt much more effectively than several quick passes. Let the vacuum cleaner have its time to do the job properly.

Additionally, wherever possible, keep your pets away from the carpet. And if you’ve got children, always add in an extra layer between them and the carpet, a cloth or a baby mat will do the job leaving your children safe and keep them at bay from allergies.

One of the most important aspects of deep carpet cleaning in Dubai is to note the different types of carpet cleaning methods and based upon the carpet like Persian rugs to pick the right kind of cleaning service that is the ideal fit for your carpet cleaning needs.

Another effective way is Dry Carpet Cleaning. Following Dubai’s technology-savvy vision, dry carpet cleaning uses specialized machines to deep clean carpets with newly developed technologies by permitting only very low moisture after cleaning.

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