Making Money Blogging About Trump

Wondering how you can raise money online? have you tried blogging about Former USA president Donald Trump? his articles always get tones of Viewers and That's not all. Anything Trump-related is more going to be shared by and with people. Start making money by reading and writing about Trump his an assert.

Making Money Blogging About Trump
Picture of Donald Trump 45th President of USA

Could writing about Trump, the things he has done, what he intends to do, whether he will be president in 2024 and covering issues like whether he might lose again be beneficial?

Yes, it is very beneficial. Trump is an asset in so many ways. He was infamous while he was in office, having held radical views that most around the world hated to watch and see, and they even got disgusted or afraid when he did things. But that's what sets Trump apart from most of the other American presidents. It was this attitude that certainly gave him value as a force to be reckoned with.

How to Gain Value From Writing About Trump

Trump has been quiet for a very long time. Stripped of using his megaphones, his accounts on platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, the world is now more hungry than ever to hear about him. What does he have in mind? What's his next action from here to the day of the next election? Is Trump working on something bigger than the former website he produced? A lot of people are hungry to know these things and every time someone writes something detailed, explaining things not many people know or things that the biased news media have chosen to ignore, there is potential to drive traffic to their website since the primary objective meets the demands of the people. In this case, the demand is anything Trump-related.

Gaining value on writing about Trump is much easier than you think.  Making your first dollar online might seem like a very hard thing to do, but writing about the former 45th president is the real deal.  Trump has always been a character of interest, hated, and loved at the same time. To gain value from writing about Trump, create your very own website and start publishing what Trump is doing or where you think he is going to go from here. 

You are going to help a lot of interesting minds that are keen on learning what Trump is up to.

Trump Supporters Love Trump and Trump is Inspiring

Trump, even for me too, is very inspiring. As a writer, I just go on and on when it comes to his articles. It's like there is no end in sight when I start writing about Trump to people who know and love Trump. He had been a hero in some cases where he was talking of fake news and accusing the media of things which were, at some levels, true.

Trump's attitude towards many things was the kind that raised eyebrows and I enjoyed every moment of it. Trump supporters also value his ideologies and they do so because they see value in them.

Trump has been, for most people, very inspiring. In his fearful dealings with nations like China and the way he conducted himself, it was at times unethical but he looked like an ideal leader of the times.

Trump Supporters Facing Backlash on Social Media

It's been months since Trump was in office. The claims he made of the stolen votes have eventually died out, and now the American new norm is that of being ruled by the Joe Biden administration. This is all part of life, and in politics, there have to always be winners and losers. Trump possibly wasn't on the winning side of the 2020 elections, but he might be when 2024 comes around. 

Trump supporters are many: over 70 million people. That's a lot of people. Yet posting about Trump hasn't been easy since social media websites like Facebook have now started fiercely censoring Political articles, pictures and ideologies. Even whole Facebook groups that advocate for Trump do get banned, or some functionality they have is restricted.

Political backlash has been a prominent reason why Trump supporters have left Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook in favor of sites that allow free speech and expression.

What are Some of the Things that Have Been Done to Trump supporters on Social Media?

Facebook is what I'm thinking of concerning this question. Facebook managed to close a group which had over 2 million people, which had broken records for how fast it gathered new members, and the news wasn't even picked up by mainstream media. It was shocking; maybe they did it in silence so as not to cause any riots or they didn't want the history of how US Trump supporters were in support of their beloved former President to come out

How Did I Earn Money From Writing About Trump and Covering all the Things That Have Happened?

I did make money from writing about this, as I'm doing right now. Trump's articles sell like crazy and are valuable in terms of traffic; they drive good traffic to a website. On average, every Trump article has a chance of getting at least 1,000 viewers every month. At least this was the case with me. With those kinds of numbers, what if there were 1,000 articles? It could be the equivalent of 1,000,000 people every month, with most of those being American.

Trump is a hero, everything he does seems to be having value. The craziness he shows, which often at times is mispresented, has driven people to search for him in a time when he's not making much public appearances.

I made my first dollars and the website which I was running had over 5,000 vistors in less than 24 hours. It was exciting to see my rankings drop below 300k, as a website with 5k daily traffic, all because I wrote about Trump at the right time, for the right reasons and to the right audience.

Trump Opened Endless Opportunities for Me

Trump-inspired me to write  because most of the things he does do inspire people to read about him.Once you start to write articles about Trump, they will increase your rank, get you traffic, be of value and you will even be able to pay yourself if you sign up to, and start publishing ads from, firms like "Adsterra".

People Miss Trump

People miss Trump. It's been a while since he left the White House, only making a few public appearances. For instance, he spoke openly against Bitcoin. He hasn't done much since then but if one took the initiative to write merely about that speech against the cryptocurrency, with the right adverting publisher, your article could have generated you money and leads.

Trump lives 8,000 miles away from me, yet writing about him generates me money.

I shouldn't lie, he's one of my role models. He's crazy and my dad even jokingly calls me Trump. He does that to tease me but I smile knowing I might be a Billionaire one day. One day I might have influence, and when I talk people shall listen.

Writing for Trump is very rewarding. I'm not disclosing how much I earn from my articles but if you could give it a try you will start seeing the results very soon. It's amazing when you start getting instant rewards. And getting them will definitely put a long-lasting smile on your face.


Trump is a character you can write about each and every day. The media like to narrate his words in ways they find fitting to their propaganda. Yet for me I find him to be so interesting that writing about him is exciting on so many levels. I do not sell people my agendas. I'm only communicating the things I have witnessed and the things that he has said are happening.

Give writing about Trump a chance, you will find you can go on and on with almost no end in sight.