Mark Zukerberg is considering changing Facebook brand Name to Metaverse

Facebook failed to have it's own Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Facebook went through a 6hr outage, Facebook is going through algorithm issues and now Mark Zuckerberg announces interest on creating The Metaverse. Now rumors are everywhere that Facebook would be changing it's name.

Mark Zukerberg is considering changing Facebook brand Name to Metaverse
Facebook change name to Metaverse

Facebook is the largest social media network on earth with over 2.5bn users globally and it's version of connecting the world has just gotten bigger.

Mark Zuckerberg who is the founder and CEO of Facebook which is the brand name of his company that owns other big firms likes of WhatsApp, Instagram, reels and many multiple companies.  Including the failed Lebra which was meant to be a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin

Another company that's owned by Facebook is being qoue and this company isn't like Libra the Cryptocurrency Bitcoin wanna be. This Quest  is a 3D virtual reality company.

What has Mack Zukerberg announced this past week

Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Facebook is planning to create employment of over 10,000 Europeans and invest more than $51 million dollars in non Profitable organizations which are looking forward to advance virtual reality.????

What's mark Zukerberg  future plans and what would this mean to the world

Mark Zuckerberg strongly believe the world shall be more connected than ever with when we  interact virtually with one another using  virtual reality glasses and on social media. 

It has always been mark Zukerberg dream to influence the world in understanding and using virtual reality.

The billionaire who's the 3rd richest in the whole world believes that virtual reality is the future and in this direction the world must go in. He sees potential in it as it might be used to improve learning and also help enhance communication.

Why Mark Zuckerberg Makin headlines is important to Facebook?

Facebook hasn't had a good month, as a whistle browler tried to get the Senate to put Facebook under alot of censorship. As she leaked documents to Wallstreet bets. 

What Miss Haugen wanted did not work as planned as people reasoned that  having Facebook put under more government regulation would mean a lot of people would lose their rights and that meant the move would do more harm than Good.

Mrs accused Facebook of knowing the harmful impacts of  it's social media Website which goes by the name Facebook' has on children but the company decided to profit out of it.

Another thing that happened with Facebook, is the 6hr power outage which took out Facebook servers for over 6 hours in this particular time mark Zukerberg lost over $7 Billion dollars and Facebook shares fell by %5 

Facebook might follow Google in changing it's brand name to mean something else like Metaverse if the rumors are true

If the rumors are true , Facebook will follow Google which changed it's brand name to alphabet while maintaining Google as the name of it's search engine. In this instance, Facebook will change it's brand name from Facebook to the Metaverse while still maintaining the name Facebook for it's Social media Website.

Mark Zuckerberg is very ambitious like Elon Musk but Mark Zukerberg has Miserably failed with Crypto currency like Bitcoin as his Libra project never took off.

Hopefully the Metaverse of Mark Zukerberg will be different from his cryptocurrency Bitcoin copycat wanna be.