Messi Leaves Crying And Kun Aguero Reports Injured During The First Match Of Barcelona And Real Sociedad

Barcelona FC bought Kun Sergio thinking he would help them and replace the legend Leo Messi Yet Kun the Man city man has picked up a tendon injury in his right calf while playing with REAL SOCIEDAD, this injury will rule him out for over 10 weeks during the first Barcelona game.

Messi Leaves  Crying And Kun Aguero Reports Injured During The First Match Of Barcelona And Real Sociedad
Kun Sergio in Bacra Kit


Sad News! for Barcelona as the aged striker who happened to be Man city Lengedary boy in his prime  Kun Sergio Aguero Rips was injured off the pitch during his first-ever game with the Catalan who were playing against sociesrts. He has had a tendon injury in his right calf.

Aguero and Lionel Messi are both countrymen they are all Argentinians. And between them is a shared history of International football together. Both Messi and Aguero have dominated European football but it was Leo Messi who took the world by storm.

Joining Barcelona at the young age of 13 in a period of 21 years he grew up to become one of the most expensive players in the whole world. Winning about  Ballon d'Or trophies with Barcelona.

But as Barcelona saw that Messi was going to exit the club, the Cataylns signed Injury-prone Chun Aurgeo after his contract expired with Man City and Man city had no intentions of Resigning the aged stricker.

No Reunion Occurred between Messi and Con Aguero

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Most Barcelona funs thought to bring the old injury prone arguer will reignite the relationship the club had with Leo Messi yet this was not to be the case has Leo Messi chose to depart from the club in seek of a club that might afford to pay his huge salary amounting to $71 million EUR

Messi leaving Bascelonrna is All About the Money

Messi has played and stayed at Barcelona for over 21 years and in those years he has picked up 5  Ballon d'Or sharing some with his competitor also an aged player Christian Rolando whos 35 while Messi is aged 33 old mine while Sergio Aguero is aged 31.

It seems like to be the end of an era of the greatest football players as we might soon see them hang their boots anytime soon.

How Long has Sergio Aguero being ruled out from playing football cause of his hag cult injury?

The doctors upon examining the injuries have stated that it would take Sergio Aguero at least 10 weeks to recover from his unfortunate injury and this means Barcelona has diffidently suffered a heavy blow since they will lack experience when it comes to going forward and attacking.