Moyale Barracks Football Club's Veteran Midfielder Boy Boy Chima Retires After 15 Seasons

Malawian football defender, decides to retire

Moyale Barracks Football Club's Veteran Midfielder Boy Boy Chima Retires After 15 Seasons

Boy Boy Chima, popularly known as "AIBO," has made the decision to retire after an illustrious 15-season career with Moyale Barracks Football Club. The defending midfielder believes it is time to make way for the younger generation and pass on the torch.

Expressing his contentment, Chima stated, "I am delighted to leave active football while still at my peak. A skilled performer recognizes the right moment to exit the stage." As a soldier in addition to being a footballer, he reflected on his happiest memory, reminiscing about the team's triumph in lifting the Standard Bank Cup in 2010.

Being part of the squad that played a crucial role in securing the Standard Bank Cup is an achievement that Chima holds dear. He expressed his everlasting gratitude for the experience, stating, "I will forever cherish the moment when I played and lifted the Standard Bank Cup. It stands as my greatest accomplishment while donning the green colors of Moyale FC."

Moyale Barracks' General Secretary, Lieutenant Mike Chimwala, commended Chima for his exemplary conduct during his tenure with the team. Chimwala acknowledged Chima as one of the team's leaders and pillars, expressing gratitude for his unwavering commitment and dedication. While Chima bids farewell to active play, the club intends to keep him close to the team, utilizing his football wisdom to nurture upcoming talents. They extend their best wishes to him in his future endeavors.

Following his retirement from Moyale Barracks FC, Chima will continue his football journey by joining the Moyale Barracks Botswana team. This team will represent Moyale Barracks in the upcoming Army Sports Festival scheduled to take place next week.

The retirement of Boy Boy Chima marks the end of an era for Moyale Barracks FC, and his legacy as a seasoned midfielder will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the club's history.