Pets - Dogs and cats in harmony

Cats and Dogs are our companions. We as the owners have to make sure they are safe and healthy.

Pets - Dogs and cats in harmony
Pets - Dogs and cats in harmony
Pets - Dogs and cats in harmony
Pets - Dogs and cats in harmony
Pets - Dogs and cats in harmony

Not every treasure is made of gold. My darling has fur, four paws, and a loyal heart!

Our pets are Mia and Chloe. Two cats. One tiger girl and the other is red. We had a black and white one before. Our Molly. She was my everything. Unfortunately, we had to give her away. 

Now we have our Mia. We adopted her from a very filthy household, she was about 3 or 4 years old at the time. That was in March of last year. Mia and Chloe get along great. Except for a few divas, moderate behavior. Then there is an occasional growl and hissing from Chloe.

Mia & Chloe


Which food is best for your pet? Every pet owner asks himself this question. Kittens and puppies need special food. They need more nutrients than adult animals. Needs can of course vary. In any case, kittens, as well as puppies, need a balanced diet.

High-quality products are the best. A wholesome and balanced diet is of the utmost importance. For breeds, it is best to use the food specifically for them. It is also important to ensure that freshwater is always available. Do not give milk to kittens and puppies as this can lead to diarrhea.

Also, pay attention to cleanliness. Wash the bowl regularly and renew the water. You should also not serve a 'human meal'. It could cause allergies or obesity. Unlike puppies, kittens should be given smaller portions on a regular basis. Feed your kitten in a clean, safe area, away from loud noises.


With dogs, you go outside. With harness and leash and if possible let them run free. Puppies also need to be trained to obey commands. Every dog ??owner is therefore challenged every day. Whether rain or snow the dog has to go out.

Cats should only be left in a secure area. Either in your own garden with a high fence or only when there is little traffic. Every year 70,000 cats die in Austria alone. Many of our pets are also disappearing. 500,000 dogs and cats have been shot annually.

If no secure access is possible, the cat can be offered a secure balcony or terrace. There are also harnesses and leashes for cats. Please also ensure the safety of the cat in an apartment position. Secured windows and balconies. The danger of falling and with tilt windows, the danger of getting stuck in them and dying. Cats don't need a collar either. These too can cost the cat's life.


Kittens and puppies love to play. But what kind of toys are suitable? Kittens have a lot of energy that needs to be broken down. Indoor cats in particular need a lot of distraction and exercise. If you are not at home much you should consider that the kitten has to be alone a lot. It's not good for the little one. Therefore you should always take 2 kittens.

Cats love play fishing and moving toys. Cats have a hunting instinct that you should encourage if you have an indoor cat. Outdoor users, on the other hand, let off steam outside in nature. Laser pointers are a popular toy, but they shouldn't be used too often. Because the cat has no real hunting sensation with a laser. She wants to hunt and catch and play with the prey. This is not possible with a laser.

It pays to get several different toys in advance to see which one the puppy likes best. Yes, a puppy also has its preferences and tastes. He may disdain what you think is cute and he may choose a toy that you are not particularly enthusiastic about as his lifelong companion. So let yourself be surprised.


The health of our pets should be very important to us. Cats should have their first vaccinations at 12 weeks of age. A basic examination of the kitten should also be done. The same goes for puppies. Cats should also be neutered before they are released into the open air. But it is a general castration obligation, i.e. also for indoor cats.

Approx. 25% of all 9-12-year-old dogs suffer from heart valve disease (mitral valve endocarditis). From the small breeds of dogs such as dachshunds, poodles, Yorkshire terriers, and the like. Are even more affected. The timely drug treatment of this heart valve disease extends the time a dog can live symptom-free despite heart disease, according to a recent study by an average of 15 months - an early diagnosis is therefore very important.

Buying a Puppy

You should never buy a puppy through advertisements on the Internet. Even if you buy a puppy or dog from abroad, then only from registered, reputable clubs. And only with registered breeders. In the case of listed dogs, please always inquire first whether they are allowed in the respective city.

There are a lot of dubious providers but also breeders. Special the dog mafia in the Eastern Bloc countries. These puppies have torn away from the mother too early and brought across the border to Austria and Germany. They are crammed into a small van. Many of the puppies do not survive the transport. Sick puppies are usually just abandoned somewhere.

Another thing to keep in mind is that most of these puppies carry deadly parvovirus. Parvovirus is a highly contagious viral disease that is spread around the world and represents a major and sometimes fatal danger, especially for unvaccinated dogs. It is caused by the canine parvovirus (CPV).

Adopt a Cat

There are also many things to consider when adopting a kitten. Kittens should never be kept alone. Cats are social animals. They are lone hunters but not loners. They also have a playmate and there is nothing better than seeing kittens cuddling with each other. Like humans, cats want to communicate with their own kind.

It has been proven that cats can suffer severe psychological damage when kept alone. They become lonely and aggression can also occur. Pets are not toys for children. They should not be given as gifts. Cats and dogs need a lot of understanding, love, and security. You should also keep in mind that there are veterinary costs.

Small children should be taught right from the start to treat the animal lovingly. You should also always keep an eye on how the children interact with the animals. Our pets put their trust in us and we shouldn't abuse that. Pets should also be viewed and treated as family members.