Shocking Leaked Documents Suggest Osama Biden Banned Any Assassination Attempts of Joe Biden

Shocking as a letter that circulated a long time ago made by the terrorist leader Osama Biden Laden is back, and it reveals a shocking truth of the leaders' motives in keeping Joe Biden Safe from assassination Attempts, Shocking Leaked Documents Suggest Osama Biden banned Any assassination Attempts of Joe Biden Read this article to find out.

Shocking Leaked Documents Suggest Osama Biden Banned Any Assassination  Attempts of Joe Biden
Joe Biden in glasses

 In a letter to one of his close advisors sent in 2010, Bin Laden reportedly commanded his forces to assassinate the then-president Barack Obama and General David Petraeus as they were in command of the international forces of Afghanistan. The letter also addressed the need to carry out assassination attempts of various high-profile militants Yet Joe Biden who was the then vice president of the United States of America was said to be left alone on the trip to the country.

It might seem like the terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden was doing Joe Biden a favor but shockingly as the letter goes on, it reveals that the terrorist reader had sinister motives behind his orders.

Osama Bin Laden believed that Joe Biden was Unfit to rule America in the absence of Obama


The letter read ‘Obama is the head of the infidelity and killing him automatically will make Biden take over the presidency for the remainder of the term.’ He noted per the BBC before adding, “Biden is totally unprepared for to be USA president, which might lead the US into Chaos.

Ironically, Bin Laden should have been worried about his own safety rather than his grand plans of engineering that vice president should be the President of the United States of America as the letter was sent less than a year before he was killed by the US Navy Seals.

The Document was publicized in 2012, and right now it's in viral circulation because of the current developments that have occurred in Afghanistan.

President Biden is currently facing criticism from all sides due to the chaotic scenes that have developed in Afghanistan because of his premature decision of a quick withdraw of USA troops from Afghanistan, while the troops were still fighting the Taliban rebel group.

Biden Admiration ordered a sudden withdraw of the USA troops by 11 September from Afghanistan. The soldiers were fighting with the Taliban and were also protecting vunarable Afghans, right now Biden is facing tough questions to answer due to his decision in allowing this to happen as it has left a lot of people desperate and scared.