Shocking: The Malawian Nation Does Not Have Mesothelioma Specialized Lung Cancer Lawyers

Mesothelioma cancer is a life threating disease, It requires people to have lawyer but its Shocking to realize that The Malawian Nation, Does Not Have Mesothelioma Specialized Lung Cancer Lawyers. This unlike USA where people are aware of the harmful effects of Asbestos minerals or fibers which leads to Cancer. Johnson and Johnson company Kept its use of Asbestos in a baby powder a secret and Malawians have done nothing.

Shocking: The Malawian Nation Does Not Have Mesothelioma Specialized Lung Cancer Lawyers
Asbestos in powder scandal

News broke out in the USA there were issues with the baby powder that Johnson and Johnson's company were making. Parents mostly mothers felt the need to voice out their concerns and demanded compassion to be given to them by a company of Johnson and Johnson Company.

What Was the Controversial Issue About?

It was discovered that the USA company that was producing the baby Powder hide the truth from the general public. Johnson and Johnson were using a cancer-causing substance in its baby powder. This cancer-causing substance is known as asbestos. This has been deemed as dangerous to the general public cause of its links to causing a type of cancer called Mesothelioma. This cancer is caused due to the inheriting of Asbestos minerals or fibres; the minerals later cause the lungs to have a type of cancer tumour which is known called Mesothelioma


Why did The Malawian Government Fail To Have a strong relation to this revelation?

It is clear, to suggest that, the Malawian government has no clue what Asbestos is, and shamefully we have no Mesothelioma Lawyers to help educate the average Malawian citizen addition, defend him over life-threatening exposure to this Material called Asbestos Which companies like Johnson and Johnson are still using.

What should Have Been Done by Malawians?

Malawi just posted a single blog post article which was authored by and published by a famous Online News Platform Called Malawi 24. The article that was published on this platform lacked depth and did not expose the true nature of the substance which leads to Lung cancers. Their article just stated what was happening in America that thousands of people mostly mothers have filed a lawsuit against Johnson and Johnson and Johnson to pay over 24 Million dollars over its failure to disclose that its baby powder was made and contained a lung-causing substance called Asbestos.

Malawi should have done a lot more than just publish news but push the public in knowing the harmful effects of this substance which leads to Mesothelioma Lung Cancer. Malawians should have been keen to know more about the effects and how this substance causes the diseases.

is Johnson and Johnson a famous Baby Powder provider in Malawi?

Johnson and Johnson has a huge market share in the Baby Powder market. Over 78% of Malawian mothers buy Baby Powder, the one that is recreated and produced by Johnson and Johnson. The USA company has not disclosed to Malawians what the substance Asbestos, does to the body once its fibres are inhaled. The Malawian public should by far, be aware of this and we need lawyers. Not just Ordinary Lawyers but Rather Mesothelioma Lawyers. These law practitioners should take it as their duty to reach out to people and make them aware of the medical link that follows the usage of this substance.

Does Malawi actually have specialized Mesothelioma Lawyers?

Maybe it has, but I hardly believe it has any lawyers that are specialized in this field. A lawyer that defends you from an unseen enemy by dealing with those bad people that get you exposed to Asbestos.  Malawi does have several types of prominent lawyers. And these are Civil lawyers and Dirovice lawyers.

Reasons why Malawi is still in the Dark in relation to having Mesothelioma Lawyers?

There are a number of reasons why Malawi Might still be in the dark when it comes to having lawyers who understand the law in relation to health and the well ware of its Malawian citizens.

  1. Our Law schools are not Following the latest Trends

Following trends is important, it helps student lawyers to stay up-to-date and find numerous opportunities in the world. If Chanco, the Malawian College that is entrusted with creating Lawyers, was to follow these trends and teach the upcoming lawyers, issues about health, in a vivid way, it would benefit Malawi a lot since the lawyers that will be produced from this system will definitely be aware of substances like Asbestos and plainly see it’s linked to Mesothelioma Lung Cancer.

  1. Lack of Clients in the field Hence No Motivation and Money

Motivation comes from a number of things, one of those things is money. Money is the deciding factor that motivates Student lawyers to take and study the courses they study, Student lawyers are investing in Human Capital, at the end of the day they would like to be financially independent and that mindset takes them in a different direction far from being Mesothelioma cancer lawyers.

  1. Lack of knowledge and ignorance among the general public

Not a lot of people know what Mesothelioma Lung Cancer is, how it is caused and what Asbestos Fibers Do to the lungs once breathed in. There is a lack of knowledge in Malawi and this lack of knowledge runs very deep. To the point where our lawyers have no clue, as to what being a Malawian Mesothelioma Lung cancer lawyer Could do to their career. The general public lacks knowledge and knows nothing about the impact Asbestos Fibers have on their health, the lawyers have no Clue about how wealthy they would be if they specialized in becoming Malawian Mesothelioma Lung Cancer Lawyers. This lack of knowledge has our courtrooms silent and their currently zero discussions going on about The USA company Johnson and Johnson exposing Malawian citizens to a dangerous substance like Asbestos and being quiet about it.

  1. Malawi is a 3rd World Country and Most 3rd Countries See Nothing Wrong with Asbestos That Leads to Mesothelioma Lungs

 As a third-world African Country Malawi willfully decides to live in the dark and Hardly bothers itself as a government to look into such irritant health issues as Mesothelioma Lungs. On average this type of cancer with its Tumor that is formed in the lungs of an affected individual does not threaten the lives of many Malawians. At present Malawi only has 19 million people and Mesothelioma lung cancer does not seem like a problem of huge concern. Malaria presents a big challenge to Most Malawians as it’s a tropical disease that leads to many untimely deaths. Malawian student lawyers neglect to have and seek knowledge plus being in a field where they might struggle to make money. hence there are no Mesothelioma lung cancer Lawyers to question Johnson and Johnson over its use of the substance Asbestos in its baby powder.


The asbestos minerals today still present a danger to the public and their secretive use does not benefit Consumers of any product. What the Johnson & Johnson Company has done is wrong, there Must be measures that the Malawian government must implement to help prevent such abuse from a company that is respected and which has products that are household names. Malawi needs to have Mesothelioma Lung cancer lawyers; Malawi should stop living in the dark.