Small online Malawian Businesses

Having A good job in Malawi is hard the minimum wage is less than $100 yet the prices are constantly rising. There is no doubt most Malawians are struggling to Make it in life. Despite this, we live in a world where affiliate Marketers earn around $300/hr and $10,000. Earning More Money than the president of Malawi who's Salary is at $3,500. This detailed article is going to explain ways in which Ordinary Malawians can Earn money online and be financially independent. It addresses topics like Affiliate Marketing, Influencing, Freelance Selling on Fiverr and Blogging.

Small online Malawian Businesses
Small Earning Money Malawian Businesses Picture with A woman sitting on Money.

Malawians feel the need to be Influencers online or just full time entepreuers but the Malawian economy is a little less forgiving of their ambitions, a lot have given up faith and do not expect to make it in life if they primarily focus on Online business as a second stream of Income.

Why is online business hard to start in Malawi

There are a number of factors that might hinder online business in Malawi, even developing a model that works well online is difficult in Malawi economy since it's mostly driven and rewards farming more than  it would reward those who are focusing on e commerce.

 1.  Internet Access is expensive

Malawians are hinder by the share unaffordable Internet which they have imagine 1$ could simply give you less than 1 Gb while in countries like India almost the whole population which is Numbered in billions are given 2GB of free internet access every 24hrs. 

Malawi has only, a handful of internet providers in the country and they are hardly competitive against one another, hence the lack of real competition leads to high and costly internet access among the people.

Companies like TNM and Airtel are the top Network providers in the country, MTL, Access only conquer a small chunk of the market.

The expensive internet charges that Malawi has is a powerful enough drawl back for all those who want to start online Businesses, they start to think about the bills they need to pay just to have data and end up giving up before they even start

 2.  Banks and other services fail to purchase things online

Living in Malawi feels like living in a country that has been forgotten, banks like NBS and other locally available Malawian banks don't have the means to link their people to online payment systems like PayPal and most of the time their Visa's fail to purchase things online

Imagine if you had the desire to start and run your own music website or online store you would Simply fail to even start because you can't afford to pay for the DOMAIN name since your Visa Card will be declared invalid or with it the purchase won't simply happen.

It's a sad reality to most Malawians, they turn back because of things like these ones, it's not their fault the systems and banks they have in the country fail them even when they have money they want to invest or use to buy things online with.

NATIONAL BANK of Malawi tries and most of its workers claim it can easily work with systems like PayPal but we are trying it.

 3.  Lack of skill to do online work and motivation
Earning money on the internet depends on the talent and you have to have lots of it, most of the people in Malawi simply lack this knowledge and hardly know how to sell themselves out there, and because of this the nation is stuck being where it is making it almost strictly dependant on farming.

Literacy levels must increase among corners if ever Malawi would have a chance of having a nice environment where online businesses that involve all kinds of freelancing services and tools to work.

The mass at the moment do not have the means  or technical no how and as it stands the government hardly wants to facilitate online marketing and knowledge, so it will be very hard for most people to engage and be successful with online marketing

Lacking motivation and determination is also a huge contributing factor

Motivation drives people to keep ongoing. Most Malawians aren't inspired at all they haven't heard nor do they live in an environment where they can get empowered to start developing services that will change Malawians economic landscape to work online.

Only a handful of people have had online success but this doesn't have any impact on the struggling Malawian nation at all.

 4. There is a need for a Mindset change

Malawians have and at this point still are an agricultural-driven community, the majority are farmers and their subsistence crop is Tobacco which counties like the USA are boycotting buying cause of the rise of child labor issues that's being investigated in the Malawian Tobacco plantations.

Malawians do need Mindset changes, they have to stay open to new ideas if they open up to innovations they might find ways to empower themselves Through generating online money Makin income sources than just replying on The selling of Tobacco which in 2017 roughly just brought the country of approx 18 million people $150 Million.

Malawians if they would open up they can generate more money than this and end up improving their livelihood for the beta but at the time most of the people are farmers and when global warming acts on the environment it becomes very hard for the crops to perform well

Online Jobs that Malawians might do

Malawians aren't completely locked out from earning money online, others are doing it and you can too. I know it's hard for you to digest this, but trust me I have seen and even myself have tried some Hassles that have brought me something and it was all done online.

 1.  Becoming bloggers

Only 30% of people who blog have managed to make a living out of it, blogging can be a little bit hard but with determination and hard work, you can start making money on a daily basis once your blog picks up momentum. Sign up on Google Blogger or WordPress. An example of a WordPress blog is this world Lifestyle by Giles.  create a blog you might also want to buy a nice Domain name, if your Visa gets rejected you can always go to your bank and ask them how they would like to help you.

 2.  Domain selling business

Domains are hot stuff, they are like hidden treasure online, and you might even making a lot of money easily if you know when and where you buy and sell, internet names can be bought for $10 and sold for $10,000 and you should try it, do a little googling and you can get started easily.

 3.  Try freelancing  

Join platforms like Fiverr, Upwork they might accept you if you have a certain skill which people might like you to work for them, once you get the attention you need there is nothing stopping you from hitting $1,000,000 dollars apart from your prices and time I guess.

But Fiverr, Upwork are our  recommendations when it comes to freelancing  once you have skills like designing or coding

 3.  Try freelancing writing

Writing is also a gift and could give you over $60-10,000 a day every day, join platforms like Medium even Fiverr, turn your passion into a hobby, and when you grow your audience you are more likely to make over 1 Million Kwacha any time you write so, it really doesn't matter if you are in Malawi but you can turn writing into a passive income career online.

 4.  Try YouTube

YouTube is universal, with a little bit of hard work you can become famous not only in Malawi but almost everywhere else in the world, and if your video gets Viewed over 1 million viewers you can earn over 2 million kwacha and that is very good for someone who never thought they would make a living out of Making and uploading videos online. you don't need to know much but familiarize yourself with video editing and get a good concept, and you will quickly have a loyal follower base in no time. Check Out Ace Vid Youtube Channel

 5. Try Crypto trading

Cryptocurrency trading is a great deal for most Malawians, it's new and sometimes scary to simply don't send money to anyone nor invest in what you cannot afford to lose but once you get the hang of it you will be able to make money easily and might even be among the few Millionaires in Malawi. Do some research on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin and other Cryptocurrencies but be wise about what you go for.

6. Sale yourself on Facebook

Facebook is a very powerful tool, I have reached over 23 million people there myself and made over $2,000 dollars on Facebook from selling my project to selling different logos to people I have never even seen.  Facebook is a powerful tool and to make it even nicer it's completely for free 

Even Airtel and TNM couldn't stop you from Makin your voice heard and your words or business is known, make sure you start using this opportunity wisely and turn every chance you got online to make money and slowly this passive way of earning money might even become the main income stream.

7. Start and Found a website

I have saved the best for last, a website will give you a hard time in the first days but the opportunities of its growth are endless, you need to stay strong and keep on at it and you will get there in the end. Malawians need to be innovative and create new concepts the world is yet to witness the more we do this the more likely we are going to develop and overcome our bad record of not Making it online.

There are a number of role models you can look up to when it comes to how valuable you can get with a powerful Website under your control.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, Jeff Bezos, the former CEO of Amazon. These individuals show you how much value you might get if you attempt to find and invest your time and effort in developing a website that might not even serve the Malawian community rather service everyone in the world.

Why online business it's merely for   Malawi alone

Most Malawians make a mistake thinking when you are born in Malawi you should only do Malawian-based things, and this is a mistake that is getting the nation nowhere.

Malawians need to focus on globalization if there is any chance that it will develop to the standards of America and other developed countries

Malawians need to understand the fact that our Country just has over 18 million people and these people aren't enough to help a business hit billion dollars status, that's why they need to have the means and the desire to step up and instead of only appealing to a local audience that doesn't have enough residual income they can step up and conquer a world stage.

In 2019 the whole nation of Malawi reported a network of just 24 Billion dollars which is by far among the poorest of any nation of its standard.

And we can't build Billion-dollar firms in a nation that is struggling to have money that is why Malawians should have a mindset change and focus on developing themselves and learn the technical skills on how to run global online Businesses that might one day lead to the development of Malawi's economy


Running an online business in Malawi seems like  Hussle only the rich and strong can do but with strong faith and determination almost everyone can Achieve earning a good passive income online, every fellow Malawian who has the desire to achieve where most have failed can manage to do so if he puts his heart and mind to it 

My personal experience

I have reached over 23 million people online with so many different things and in so many different ways the trick is to pay attention to what works and understand you can earn from your efforts.

Know it can be done, and all you need to do is give yourself time to study how you can do it yourself, Makin money online as a second source of income could be a dream come true to most people and I strongly believe it's also your dream as well you simply have to focus on Legit stuff and start hassling grow your business and authority rightly and you are going to bear many fruits.

Malawi might not have the promised 1 million jobs in 1 year now but if people would have the Mindset to change the environment a little more friendly to these new innovations Malawi would be better off than it is today.