Sony Wants to Launch Into the Electric Car Industry and Compete with Telsa Elon Musk Company

Sony the Japanese entertainment Gaint would like to start officially competing with Telsa in the electric vehicle industry as it plans to introduce its own electric car in the spring of 2022 called Sony Mobility.

Sony Wants to Launch Into the Electric Car Industry and Compete with Telsa Elon Musk Company
Sony Mobility

Sony is the Group that is popularly known for its involvement in Television shows and the creation of games in addition to Game consoles (play station), Sony Company would create a subsidiary called Sony Mobility in the coming spring of 2022.

This new arrival would compete against Telsa Elon Musk company and directly be in competition with cars like Model S. The Japanese electronics giant sony showcased the new prototype of its Vision S electric on Tuesday, January 4. and it also announced the creation of a new subsidiary to explore this rapidly expanding electric car market.  This unveiling was done on the stage of CES in Las Vegas USA, At this venue, the company Unveiled that vison-S 02,  this is the new vision of its first prototype sony electric car, went through a road test.

Sony is best known for making moves and producing video games. but now it has its eyes keen on the Electric market and does seem that it would like to be a direct competitor with Telsa Elon Musk. Sony will as announce create a subsidiary called Sony MObility in the spring of 2022. Through this new brand, Sony, "apparently intends to explore the opportunities of investing in the electric vehicle market",  specifies the press release.

The vison S is at the period loaded with internal and external sensors which are used in particular by sony itself to test its autonomous driving technologies (self driving)

Sony Company is also still working on an immersive entertainment system. At this time the electric vehicle industry is still tiny as it has a tiny market Crap. For instance, the market only accounts for 3% of all the current car sales in the USA. But it is generating a lot of interest and investment from a number of films that value clean energy and want to move away from fuel.

The company called General Motors also has an interest in electric vehicles that it plans to invest more than $35 billion in electric and autonomous vehicles by 2025, the investment shall also be done in the United States.