Let’s look at the Structure of VNO License Application

This blog takes a simplified look at the VNO license application form. Find out what all the options and the detail mean so that you can enter the correct information in them. If you need further assistance, contact Registrationwala.

Let’s look at the Structure of VNO License Application

If you’re on a budget, but still want to provide internet services, VNO license is for you. Needing nothing more than a virtual network, the introduction of registration of VNO by the Department of Telecommunication has led to the emergence of many internet service provider in metropolitan regions of the country. It’s like a buffet of internet service providers – all providing high quality internet services at an extremely low cost.

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However, to become the one serving this internet buffet, you do need the license. Procedure of obtaining it aside, it’s the details that you have to enter in the application form that stops many entrepreneurs from going through the procedure to obtain VNO license in India.

The details you have to provide can be quite intimidating to understand. While you should already know about them as an internet service provider, if you’re just someone who just got enchanted at the prospect of providing low cost internet services while nothing about its technological nuances, this blog is for you. It will tell you exactly what you need to know to start with the VNO registration process by yourself.

Details to be mentioned in the application form

Following are the details you have to precisely enter, without any issue, in the application form for VNO license, India:

  1. Name of the applicant company: This detail is self explanatory. Although, remember to mention the full name of the company.
  2. Postal Address: provide complete postal address with contact details such as Telephone Number, FAX and Email. Additionally, you need to separately provide the address info about the corporate office and the registered office.
  3. Your contact details: Provide the details of your correspondence – way for the DOT to reach out to you in case of any issues with your application.
  4. Name of the authorises contact: Who should the DOT reach out to? Provide the details of that individual.
  5. Payment processing fee details: Provide the details of the payment processing fee – receipt of payment.
  6. You have to attach a certified Certificate of Incorporation along with AOA and MOA.
  7. Partner, promoter and shareholder details: Provide a complete breakup- the division of equity among the partners, promoters and shareholders. In case you have foreign investment of your company, provide the details of the same on a separate sheet.
  8. Equity Details: Provide the Indian and foreign equity details in this section – just enter how much of the amount of Indian investment and how much is from the foreign investor. In case the foreign equity is more than 49%, provide the certificate issued by FEMA for the same.
  9. Details of the net worth: Provide the details of the net worth of the company.
  10. List of services for which you seek the VNO license: Provide a service or a list of services for which you seek the unified license to start a VNO.
  11. Other service licenses: If you have licenses to provide other services as per the National Telegraph Act, provide the details of those licenses.
  12. Paid up capital details: Provide paid up capital details of your VNO company.
  13. Information about the Chairman, Managing Director and Director: In this section, provide the name and nationality of the aforementioned officials.
  14. Details of the CEO, CTO and CFO: Enter the name, nationality and designation of your Chief Financial Officer, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technical Officer.

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Furnish the aforementioned details carefully and you get many steps closer to your goal of setting up a VNO in India. If you have any further queries, consult with Registrationwala.