Subscription Makeup Boxes - What are they and why one should put effort in their Packaging?

Subscription makeup boxes are use to pack your multiple makeup products in one box. So, get your desired custom printed subscription makeup boxes and pack your products in style.

Subscription Makeup Boxes - What are they and why one should put effort in their Packaging?

A makeup subscription box:

Subscribing to a makeup box is like giving monthly gifts to yourself or your loved ones. If you have no idea what a subscription box is then keep on reading. Many brands like skincare, cosmetic, or apparel brands offer a subscription box. You can basically get this on monthly basis but you don’t get to choose the contents of the box. Some brands ask you a pop quiz according to which they decide the contents of the box. Plus, you don’t even have to go to their outlet, you just have to give your address and the box will pop up at your door after every month.

Get it for yourself or your loved ones:

The benefit of subscription boxes is that you can get the products that come in the boxes for a relatively cheaper price in comparison to when you buy them individually. Also, since you have no idea about what you will be getting in that box so having the box arrive at your door every month gives the feeling of getting surprise gifts. Though this is not exactly the case since you are technically paying for the box but it is a good feeling to get.

Pay in Installments or at once:

Usually, you can get a 3-month or a 6-month subscription for these makeup boxes. The payment method is up to you whether you want to pay all at once or you will pay every month. Though, the benefit of paying in installments is that if you don’t like the content of your makeup box then you can cancel the subscription at any time. However, if you pay all at once then it will be difficult for you to cancel the subscription.

Even if you do, then most of the brands don’t have a money return policy due to which you would have to buy something else from them. This, in my opinion is a lot more hectic because whenever it happened to me that I had to buy something from a brand that has no money return policy then I can’t ever seem to find the right product which I would want to buy.

How to Cancel the Subscription:

If you have not made the full payment and you want to cancel your subscriptions then this process is extremely easy. You just have to cancel the subscription through the account which you used for subscribing in the first place. Or you can simply contact the call center of that respective brand and get the subscription canceled.

Packaging of Makeup and Beauty Subscription Boxes:

It is essential that you gorgeously design your makeup and beauty boxes. This is because women pay special attention to the packaging and are greatly influenced by it. Take it from personal experience that whenever I go to a beauty store for buying cosmetic products the first thing which I see is how gorgeously a product is packaged.

On the shelf, a number of different products are displayed but I get attracted to the one which has the most beautiful and unique packaging. And I know this just not only happens with me but it is the story of a lot of other women out there, who are reading this article.

How Packaging affects sales?

Designing attractive packaging for the makeup subscriptions boxes is also very important because the customer does not know what will be inside the box. They usually decide which subscription box to get on the basis of its packaging. So just imagine that there is a customer who wants to get a subscription box for their loved ones. But they cannot find a cute designed and a packaged box.

In this case, do you think that they would like to buy it? If you ask me then absolutely not. Everyone is attracted by the packaging and if the packaging is not nice then definitely they would not even consider buying it. Until and unless they have tested your products and are so good that they cannot resist buying it. So I would definitely say that the sales are directly affected by the packaging. 

How to make an Effective Packaging Design?

In the past, not much attention was given to the packaging of the products. Previously packaging only included a label and specified all the necessary details regarding the product on the packaging. However, with the advancement in digital marketing and digital technology, a lot of other responsibilities were put onto the designers.

Now, one has to consider the themes, the colors, the fonts, the labels, and so many other things whilst creating packaging. The packaging should be so effortlessly and beautifully designed that it should be able to attract customers all by itself. Packaging should be able to increase the value of the product which is packed inside it. Like for instance, if you pack lipsticks in window boxes then the product can be seen from the outside and the sales of that product will relatively increase in comparison to the lipsticks which are packed in the regular cosmetic boxes which have no uniqueness or personalized touch to it.

For making an innovative packaging, one should think out of the box and break some traditional rules which are already existing in our cosmetic industry. But it should be kept in mind that whilst doing something new you should not ruin the relationship between the packaging and the product. Meaning that the packaging should be complimenting the product which is going to be packed in it. If you’re packaging is innovative and is bringing the right changes in the industry then there are very low chances of the packaging going unnoticed.

Wholesale Makeup Boxes:

Many brands get their subscription boxes made at wholesale because at wholesale you can get reasonable prices. But usually, the problem which occurs when you buy wholesale is that many brands end up buying the same type of packaging boxes. In this way, there is no individuality and uniqueness between the brands left when almost everyone has the same type of packaging. Another benefit of getting makeup boxes from wholesale is that they have a fast delivery and turnaround time. So, you would not have to wait for days to get your delivery.