Technology in 2026

Technologies in 2016, will include a number of the things we are seeing as they are the things to come. For instance, Elon Musk has Promised that Men will land on Mars in 2026 so we need to expect that and more versions of Electric cars and also Bitcoin Being one of the most dominant Currency.

       Technology in 2026
Elon Musk Tech of 2026 Space X

You Must be very Curious as to what technologies shall exist in 2026 and beyond. Well, this well-detailed article shall feed that curiosity of yours. We have studied trends that are undoubtedly pointing out to the new technologies that will be used in 2026. For instance, the behavior of Elon Musk makes it very Cleary where he wants to take humanity to in 2026. Elon Musk the billionaire tech milt entrepreneur even declared that in 2026 Humans will be able to travel beyond the moon and reach Mars.

Elon Musk strongly believes that Humans have what it takes to become multi-planetary species. Able to travel from one planet to another and in 2026 he wants his Company Space X which is valued well beyond 100bn to be able to send Man or an astronaut far beyond the Moon and to Mars.

The first and sure Technology that is going to exist in 2026 is surely Rockets that shall make Interplanetary Journeries from Earth to Mars and luckily Beyond.

1.Interpantery Rockets

Top on our list on new technology that will come in 2026 is obviously the interplanetary Spaceships or Rockets which will be introduced by Elon Musk company Space X or either their rival Company Blue Origins founded and owned by the first-ever American Billionaire Jeff Bezos

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Elon Musk already made a board claim that Space X will be able to send Astronauts far beyond the lunar surface of the moon, beyond the dark side of the moon, and make them land on the then livable Mars.

  1. Dogecoin and Bitcoin Will Be Money of the Future in 2026

Cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bit Cash have taken the world by storm since the first-ever Crypto Currency Bitcoin was introduced back in 2019. With bitcoin came a technology called Blockchain which is a system that records every translation of CryptoCurrency or in other words Digital Money. It is this ability to record and track Digital Translation in a huge ledger which is also easily transmitted from one person to another and numerous computers keeping records of the number of coins sent or stored without really unveiling the details of the owner which has made blockchain technology and Bitcoin with the other crypto curries a remarkable development of the century. Bitcoin and other Crypto Curries shall be around in 2026 and they show no sign of going away.

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Bitcoin came into being when it was created by someone called Satoshi Nakamoto. He was the first one to create the first blueprint and mine the first-ever bitcoin. The truth about the real origins of bitcoin will always be a mystery as other people strongly believe Satoshi is not even a real person but rather the name of a notorious group of Dark web programmers who created the Bitcoin white Paper and Mined the first-ever digital blocks.

At the moment bitcoin is worth $46,000 while in 2009 one bitcoin was worth $0.00 and at times people could even get it for free and mining which is a process that awards you with bitcoin after the computer solves complex equations was done almost instantly with no real sweat, unlike today where it requires a lot of energy and computing power with the use of External GPU or mining machines and even the construction of High-end Bitcoin farms that require intensive electricity to mine bitcoin.

Bitcoin Will be the money of the future and looking at Dogecoin and even Euthuem there is a great chance these Cryptocurrencies will take over digital money as their popularity is being widely accepted. Bitcoin is even likely going to hit $100,000 dollars per coin as it is being backed by Elon Musk who himself Owns A huge amount of Bitcoin according to sources, he and Telsa Own around 1.5 bn dollars’ worth of Bitcoin.

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In addition, Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies might even take over Bitcoin as their popularity is also growing and getting more widely accepted by people, and on the full front is also Elon Musk who calls himself The Godfather of Dogecoin. A cryptocurrency that trades at 92bn and is the 5th most traded digital coin with the highest value it ever gained being something approx. $0.72 Most Dogecoin buyers believed Dogecoin would Reach $1 yet when Whales sold their Crypto holdings the digital curries lost most of its value. Dogecoin might bounce back as the likes of Elon Musk also wants to send a Rocket painted with the Picture of the dog that is on Dogecoin in order to increase the coin's popularity. We have no doubt that Dogecoin, blockchain Technologies, and other Crypto Currencies will be the new technology of 2026

  1. Electric Cars will Be the Norm of the future in 2026

There is a reason why Telsa is among the most valuable Auto Mobile companies in the whole world. It does not only mean that Elon Musk is a genius but t also shows which direction the world is going. Telsa cars have grown in popularity and this growth has made Elon Musk the south African-born Billionaire a Multi Billionaire with a net worth of over 180bn. Elon Musk Telsa creates Electric cars that are not only beautiful but also Self Driving, and they run on batteries and you can also play video games on them like how Elon Musk showcased playing Cyberpunk on A Computer that was Placed in A Tesla Model.

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Electric cars like Cyber Truck might have had a bad laughable design but they are our pick of cars of 2026. They have the potentials to crush the market despite the bad press. Electric cars have also motivated other car creation Companies to change their Approach of development in creating technology that is said to be sustainable to development. In 2026 Technology like Telsa Cyber Truck, Most Telsa cars and newly introduced Electric cars will be commonplace things in 2026

  1. Folding Phones will be technology that will dominate in 2026

Folding phones seemed unachievable but sum sang is ambitious in making them happen. The first release had vital flaws as they could bend and get destroyed or cracked but since those unfortunate days. Technology has become more stable and useful and it is more likely going to be adaptable with the media and given to the mainstream for public consumption provided it is cheap enough and affordable.

  1. VAR social media Accession on Facebook

In 2026 Mark Zuckerberg Might do something a little crazy with Facebook, and that integrating it with his VAR gaming company Oculus.  This is not new ever since Covid-19 came in, People across the world have been using virtual meetings to connect with one another, and Musician and Musical DJ Marshemello hosted a vital concert in Fortnite which opened up a lot of credibility of what VAR is capable of doing. We do not know for sure where the plans of Facebook are at. Yet we are certain, Facebook my put plans to connect Facebook with Oculus and have people enjoy a different experience on social media this 2026.


There are a lot more expectations when it comes to technologies 2026 might have or introduced we have not stressed them all. Things like 5G internet and the like. But what we have covered is essential and could give your curious might some initial insight on what to expect. In summary, expect Telsa cars to continue dominating, Interplanetary travel in 2026, Bitcoin and Other Blockchain Technologies raising greatly in rank and popularity. What are some of the technologies you think will be commonly used in 2026?