How to deal terminate Yahoo Account permanently?

You easily can terminate Yahoo Account on a permanent basis, if you are not satisfied with this service or issue with your account specifically.

How to deal terminate Yahoo Account permanently?
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Yahoo has become famous worldwide but you might wonder that why people are leaving the mail account of the same. Some of them have personal reasons and some of them are quitting because of weak security features. Although closing a Yahoo account isn’t a smart choice at all because there are lots of ways to secure your account. But if you have made the decision then, we are here with the exact way to do so.

You easily terminate the Yahoo account permanently and for that, there are a few things that you have to follow. Along with this, you should definitely know the consequences of deleting your Yahoo account.

What will happen after deleting Yahoo Account?

You will not have access to the services and products of Yahoo like Yahoo Mail Tumblr, Flickr account, etc-

  1. Your Yahoo account will be available for a new account
  2. You might lose the data that includes chat history, emails, contacts, and Flickr photos and etc
  3. Even one cannot access their paid services of Yahoo mail and you won’t get any refund

By seeing these last 3 points, it is very important to cancel Yahoo subscription services first. After that, move ahead with the steps to terminate your Yahoo Account

Steps to Cancel Yahoo Subscription

Yahoo mail comes with various paid subscription services like Mail Pro and Finance Premium. It is very much important to cancel the subscription to Yahoo Services before deleting the account as we already was discussing.

NOTE: This is an irritating rule here and you only can close the account if it has no remaining balance. It has been 90 days since you have canceled any subscriptions. You will need to wait a complete 3 months to delete the Yahoo account if you have made payments.

Download the Billing data first and you can do by following the below steps-

  • Go to the My Subscription Page of Yahoo and access My Subscriptions
  • Navigate the option My Profile and click on “Download My Data”
  • There you have to choose a verification method and enter the code which you receive
  • Now, go to the “Download My Data” and choose if you want to save the file
  • Open that file in the specific program and after that, you have to click on Ok

Check your Emails and Attachments

The next step might seem obvious but it might slip from the mind very easily. There is the possibility that you have some documents or pictures which you have to download. Not only this but there are essential emails to keep on to also.

The simplest way to handle such a thing is to set up a new account use when you are one with Yahoo. After that, you can forward everything into that new account without any data loss.

Simple Way to Terminate Yahoo Account

It is obvious that Yahoo doesn’t want to delete the account and add the growth in significance to the platform. But as legal mistake starts growing on the web, they are constrained to provide the steps to do so. Create a separate Yahoo account termination page which the user actually needs.

Remove Yahoo Email Account

  • Go to the official page to delete the account and that is
  • Enter the email address and go to Next and then enter the password and click on Next again
  • Read the terms to terminate the Yahoo account and click on “Continue delete account”

The account should now close but there is something left. That is to log in for 40 days but you will terminate your Yahoo account on a permanent basis. When you shut down Yahoo Mail, all sent emails to the account will go back to the senders. And that message has the delivery failure confirmation. Hence, it is an ideal way to monitor the My Yahoo emails for a while before deleting the service. This is to see the number of messages you get and inform all contacts with the new address

What to do more?

Another important thing you should keep in mind before deleting the Yahoo account is to create a new email account. It is ideal to create a new account to keep your old emails and attachments saved.

Type in the new email id and then, go to the option that says “Yes terminate this account”. Give 40 days and then Yahoo will delete the account on a permanent basis. This procedure sometimes takes longer depends on the country.

You can see that your Yahoo account is deleted successfully and make sure that you follow the steps carefully. Contact Yahoo Help Number UK to consult the experts to know the terms and conditions of this service.