Thanksgiving Create your own brand's identity with Custom Printed Pre-Roll Boxes

The pre-roll packaging of Canada is considered the utmost desiring packaging for the pre-rolls. Customers love to buy the fascinating packaging that lures their minds.

Thanksgiving Create your own brand's identity with Custom Printed Pre-Roll Boxes

The mind-blowing appearance of the pre-roll boxes illustrates the image of your brand. So, make your boxes fascinating by making the packaging sophisticated. We are developing unique designs and styles of the logo to make the pre-rolls boxes with the logo. The color prints are also valuable to give them a new look. 

The luring packaging of the custom pre-roll boxes becomes more prominent by having an enticing printing method. Hence, with the combination of CMYK+1PMS, CMYK+2PMS, one color scheme gives the cartons a specific look that attracts everyone. The use of the Pantone matching system in the packaging gives many options of colors to select. Clients can design the logos with unique colors on the pre-roll boxes to impress the buyers. It enhances the product value by endorsing the name of the brand. 

Why Pre-roll packaging is used?

It is necessary to discuss the importance of pre-roll boxes. Let us tell our clients that our customizing method is very beneficial and promising for the safety of your pre-rolls. We know that the demand for pre-rolls is huge among customers. That’s why our experts prepare the solid and composed packaging for the safe arrival of the products. 

The pre-roll packaging of Canada is considered the utmost desiring packaging for the pre-rolls. Customers love to buy the fascinating packaging that lures their minds. Hence appearance matters in every sense. So, we always try to keep the packaging of your product interesting and captivating for your clients. We made boxes according to the size of your pre-roll products. In this way, your product will remain safer from any harm as well. 

Make Pre-roll packaging most favorite for customers

We have experts that prepare the pre-roll packaging outstanding. Hence, we add different add /on features to make every style idealizing. These features are unique in their way. Thus, they are:

  • Embossing/debossing
  • Gloss/matt lamination
  • Raised inks
  • Spot UV
  • PVC sheets with window die-cut
These are the latest tactics that we use to make your custom pre-roll packaging adorable. The use of the window die-cut feature is becoming more demanding due to its unique die-cuts on the packaging. People will be able to see the item by opening the box through the window. Thus, features will create a hype of your product in the market by comparing other companies packaging of the product. 


The packaging you are guaranteed to get the most affordable

Grab the pre-roll packaging material at very reasonable prices. We are here to take every possible step that is good for our custom brand. We can provide you the candid packaging that protects your pre-rolls and keeps them fresh. Hence, rates are very reasonable that can easily maintain your budget too. 

  • We provide free die-cuts to your pre-roll boxes that give a very embracing look to the packaging.  
  • By minimizing inches of the packaging, clients can save money as well
  • Our yearly sales and discounts are also available on your favorite packaging’s to maintain your budget
  • We always come with budget-friendly packaging to bury your worries.

The material used for pre-roll boxes

It is advised to avail sturdy material for the custom pre-roll boxes. Because pre-rolls are fragile products. So, it is necessary to keep them safe under unified packaging. Hence, for packaging, prefer these papers:

  • Corrugated paper
  • Cardboard papers
  • Kraft paper
These papers made eco-friendly pre-roll boxes that keep the product and surrounding safe from any harm. Hence, the cardboard packaging is perfect to keep your items secure. Meanwhile, the use of such packaging was enhanced due to the sustainability of the papers. Everybody in the US prefers this packaging for the safety of products. Meanwhile, companies in Canada, also prefer these sturdy and shined boxes manufactured with these composed custom packaging materials. 

Get your desired Pre-roll boxes from ICustomBoxes

ICustomBoxes is a US-based company that creates lavish pre-roll boxes under the great supervision of experts. Our company is acknowledged with the name of perfection in the packaging world. We create unique designs and luxurious styles of the custom pre-roll boxes with composed packaging. Let us introduce you to the best designs that are suitable for pre-rolls.

  • Display boxes
  • Two-piece box style
  • Sleeve box
  • Suit-case box style
  • Front and reverse end tuck style
  • Presentation box style
  • Box with different styles of sections
  • Pencil box style
  • Front tuck double wall

So, these are the most favorable designs of the custom pre-roll packaging that keeps the boxes enchanting. Hence, we put extra effort into developing these sturdy boxes for your pre-rolls. At your request, we can provide you free quote offers with free flat and assembled shipping service. Our delivery will be on time with surety of the composed packaging. We provide every box style with sturdy packaging at very reasonable prices. Hence, rates will be favorable for your budget. So don’t worry and make the right choice to get the exact form of desired custom boxes