The benefits of Executive Coaching Dubai

the benefits of executive coaching in dubai

The benefits of Executive Coaching Dubai
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Although everyone is a leader, wise organizations use executive coaching -sometimes also referred to as leadership coaching- to build, fast track or support high-potential employees because research has found that great leaders have a big impact on the bottom line and are able to transform organizations.


Within our volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world, we are in need of people who have a vision, bring clarity and see the gift in everything, who are agile, assertive, curious, creative, decisive, focused and innovative, who take action, probe changes, love to learn, invest in unlearning and welcome different perspectives.

What is Executive Coaching?

executive coaching  aims to strengthen and focus the talent of key people in one-to-one coaching sessions to build (upon) these skills. Just like life coaching,  executive coaching  is highly tailored and entails one’s personal and professional life. A project management approach is adopted whereby the roles and responsibilities of the different stakeholders, the objectives and wanted outcomes of the sessions, and the confidentiality of the content of the sessions are clearly defined and agreed upon with the aid a coaching agreement.

Executive Coach Benefits

There are many benefits of having an executive coach, the specifics of the outcomes can be as varied as the individuals seeking  executive coaching   . However, there are several common benefits that most individuals experience throughout their executive coaching journey. If you, as the client, go into a coaching engagement with an open mind and a real willingness to grow, you can reasonably expect to reap the following benefits:


  1. See yourself more clearly

This might sound quite simple to many, but it is crucial. Research has shown that many of us aren’t able to see ourselves very clearly and it truly matters. Accurate self-awareness in leaders is highly correlated with organizational effectiveness and profitability, and a large number of employees prefer to follow leaders who see themselves clearly and at the same time are willing to share their perceptions. When working with a great coach like Cindy van de Kreke, he/she will generally gather input about how others see you at the beginning of the engagement and share it with you. Throughout your journey, your coach will also share his/her perceptions with you, which has been based of their observation of you and your interactions with others. In addition, your coach will help you build skills to see yourself more clearly; by questioning your assumptions about yourself, get curious about where you’re strong and where you need to grow and learn to see yourself.


  1. See others more clearly

A good an insightful executive coach will most often have more neutral and accurate perceptions of those around you than you will, and he/she will be able to share those perceptions with you. Your coach will also help you apply the same mental skills you learned to see yourself more clearly so that you will be able to apply a more accurate assessment of others.


  1. Leverage your existing strengths

An effective and supportive coach can also help you see and leverage strengths that you have but might be underestimating. An executive coach will help you lean into them in order to use your strengths more effectively.


  1. Build more productive relationship

Leaders can dramatically limit their effectiveness by only being able to or willing to build strong relationships with certain type of people, often this means individuals that are like themselves. A great executive coach like Cindy van de Kreke can help one recognize that tendency in oneself and work against it. This can be done by both helping you see and question the limiting assumptions you make about people who aren’t like you, and by offering you tools to support you in understand and creating strong, vital working relationship.

These are only just four benefits that executive coaching has, and the list goes on. Like any new endeavor, working with a coach can be challenging and even a little scary. But if you're brave, committed and curious, you'll find your coaching relationship can be a powerful catalyst to becoming the person you most want to be.

Where to find an Executive coach in Dubai?

Whether you are looking for an in-person or virtual, hands-on experience that gives you the tools and skills that you need.Cindy is the answer, her powerful questions, inquisitive and nurturing nature and inner drive help you tap into greater awareness, better thinking, more functional beliefs, fresh perspectives, thriving and inspiring behaviors, goal attainment, and improved choices, impact and outcomes which makes her a successful all-round coach.


Cindy looks forward to teaming up with more individuals, teams, organizations and communities by coaching them towards their goals and vision, so they can transform and become who they aspire to be.