The Last Time a United States Military Member Was Killed in Afghanistan Was February 2020 Then Joe Biden Became President

Shocking just after several months being president Sleepy Joe Biden Plans, to Evacuate USA troops has lead to 160 people injured and 60 people dead including 11 Marine Troops and 1 medic at the Kabul Afgan Airport.

The Last Time a United States Military Member Was Killed in Afghanistan Was February 2020 Then Joe Biden Became President
Joe biden shameful

Americans Across the USA are outraged over the current incident of a massive s bomb explosion that has wounded more than 160 people and caused the death of 60 people 12 of them being USA troops in Afghanistan.

Reports say they had been massive twin bomb attacks that were targeting people who were trying to escape the country of Afghanistan at Kabul Airport as the Taliban are taking over.

The explosion took place outside Abbey Gates where both British and USA troops have been stations to oversee the withdraw and to act as over watchers on those who are trying to escape the Taliban.

The explosion is said to have taken the lives of at least 11 USA marines including a Medic who was at the scene.

UK Prime Minister has commented on the matter saying the attack is “despicable” but it will nevertheless disturb the job that UK troops are there to do.

The attack at the Airport has come, after the Biden Administration was warned that there could be attacks hitting the Airport during the evacuation process since Troops have been ordered to leave Afghanistan and have 13th August as the deadline.

Canada is one other nation that has joined the USA in trying to wrap up the evacuation process/operation.

Huge numbers of people have also built up near Afghanistan’s border with Pakistan as people try to flee the Taliban Rule.

A baby Dies in An Afghanistan Interpreter Arms

An Afgan interpreter who worked with the American forces witnessed the bombing at hand at Kabul airport.

He described to CBS how a young girl he was caring for died in his arms.

He narrates “He saw a baby there and took her up and started rushing with her towards a nearby hospital,

But as he was on his way to the hospital the baby who he estimates must have been something close to 5 years old, died in his arms.

He continued that what is happening in Afghanistan is heartbreaking since the whole country has fallen apart ever since Joe Biden Ordered USA troops to evacuate Afghanistan.

How Will USA respond

It is not known how the USA will respond to what has happened whether they will retaliate or speed up the evacuation process in hope that they might stop putting more lives at risk as over 60 people have died and there is a probable risk for more attacks.