Things To Do In Sandhan Valley Trek

Sandhan Valley is a magnificent canyon in the Sahyadri ranges of Maharashtra, India. Check out more about the things to do in the Sandhan valley trek!

Things To Do In Sandhan Valley Trek

Valley Sandhan is a magnificent canyon in the Sahyadri, also known as "Shadow Valley" (the sun's rays do not reach it). One of the most strenuous and pleasant hikes in Maharashtra is supposed to be offered. Located next to Bhandardara near Igatpuri, Sandhan Valley provides many other adventures, such as recalling, climbing, snacking, and camping under the starry sky, as well as a wide variety of sightseeing possibilities, such as AMK Alang Fort, Madan, and Kulang Fortress and a number of waterfalls. Among the nightlife in the gorge is one of the most beautiful things to do. Or you can also be staying at Samrad's homes where there is no other local experience. The villagers in Samrad cook fresh, hot, Marathi meals including bhakti, pohah, upma, bhaji, dal, and rice here, and have a home-cooked supper. You should eat a big breakfast and bring some food for the night before you begin your hike.

Sandhan Valley trek

In the Sahyadri mountains in the Western Ghats, the Great Canyon is a gorge. The canyon stretches 2 kilometres long and 200 feet deep, covered on either side with strikingly wide boulders. This walk, including camping and rappelling, also begins with a descent from the village of Samrad and ends with an ascent to the village of Dehaene. Between them, they were over cool streams of water, recalled massive cliffs, and camped under a beautiful night sky. The reason why it is also known as the Shadow Valley is that there is little or no sunshine in the deep gullies of this canyon. Furthermore, you can't miss this campground experience. Because of the rocky topography in this canyon, finding a level area in this valley usually is the first step to build up a camp and have a happy night. The smooth experience the trek seeks to deliver with camping along with rappelling together. The Sandhan Valley Base Camp gives a genuinely amazing view at any point in the day, surrounded by the spectacular Alang-Kulang-Madan Forts, the Ratangad Fort as well as the Kalsubai Hill (the highest peak in Maharashtra), the Samrad Village.

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Hanging tent camp for extreme adventure

Imagine walking along a canyon in the mountains of Sahyadri and going down to a tent hovering between the air and the ground! You could wish to try the Sandhan Valley Hanging Tent, near Nashik, just three hours from Mumbai if your palms aren't sweaty at the prospect. This 300-foot deep valley is possibly India's most extreme campsite in Maharashtra's Ahmednagar district, where you can camp for a few hours. The hanging tent, known as the gateway, features an aluminum frame with a strong foundation that can carry two people's combined weight in the air. These tents are attached by a specific rope to a huge rock.

Bonfire at night camp

The campsite in Sandhan is located inside Maharashtra. It is one of the darkest spots in our state, and you will experience the darkest night sky conceivable, with the least amount of light pollution. With their naked eyes, you may view the Milky Way, with its many stars and galaxies never visible from the city. We will take some killer star shots and Milky Way pictures for all astrophotography aficionados. For your lenses, it will be a treat. Or, if you become fatigued, you can cool down one of the open tents and dive into a gazillion-starred sky.

Waterfall at Bhandardara

The Umbrella Falls are the falls under the Wilson dam that provide the impression of a parachutist and the strength of the waterfalls onto the naturally positioned rocks. Built-in 1910 on the Pravara River, Wilson Dam is India's largest dam, referring to the engineering superiority of that day. The base of the dam is a landscape with deep foliage, enormous trees, and small brooks. The Randha Falls of the river Pravara are another waterfall attraction in Bhandardara. From 170 ft in a magnificent canyon, the clear water of the Pravara River fertile descends. But in the monsoon, this waterfall is lovely.

AMK trek

Alang Madan Kulang Trek is a renowned tourist destination in the Kalsubai range of Sahyadris, in the district of Nashik, Maharashtra, commonly known as AMK or the Alangad Mandangad. This is the most searched for Maharashtra hike. The requirements of mountain skills and the knowledge of how to use technical climbing equipment on some sections become vital because of the demanding terrain and the long-range perilous route. This is one of the most amazing walks that you can do in all Western Ghats, not only the panorama from upwards, combining lush forests, boulders, grottoes, water cisterns, and old writings on the rocks!