Tips for a More Productive Online Learning Session

You cannot achieve any of your tasks and put your focus on online learning if you will always let distractions go your way.

Tips for a More Productive Online Learning Session

The transition from face to face classes to online learning sessions may be a change that is difficult for most students to adjust to. It may be hard to accomplish things and stay productive in this situation because, let’s admit, it’s easy to get distracted. Unnecessary things that can get your attention diverted are everywhere. When you decide to study, a minute later you will find yourself doing something irrelevant, or scrolling through your social media accounts.

Though online classes make students struggle with adjustments and productivity levels, there are still some advantages. You can work on your tasks at your own pace and feel less pressure.

You can get a lot of things done in less time if you stay productive. It is possible to boost up your productivity levels on online learning sessions by still treating them as face-to-face classes, dressing appropriately whenever you have scheduled lectures, practicing time management, and establishing a learning environment that will motivate you to focus. Taking down notes is also suggested to help you avoid zoning out during the class. These tips will be broken down and will each be explained to let you understand how they are of help. Read on to learn more.

Practice Time Management

There are a lot of things at home that can get in the way of focusing during online learning lectures, especially when you have to finish tasks too. The distractions can decrease the productivity levels. It makes students lose their motivation since these distractions can be easily accessible to them.

Though multitasking is said to be a successful way to get things done faster, it is not actually recommended. Multitasking can decrease your productivity. Try focusing on one task at a time. Then you will realize that you can work much quicker than having multiple things on your plate.

To maintain being productive, it is better to practice time management. Create a checklist, and a timetable or a timeline to track everything you need to accomplish for the day. You just also have to arrange the tasks according to how important they are. This will help you distinguish what needs to be prioritized first. This is proven to be an effective method to concentrate.

Included in your time management practice is blocking out distractions such as surfing the web and scrolling through your phone excessively. You have to avoid using them as much as possible if not really necessary. This will slow down your progress on accomplishing all the tasks that need to be done.

Without having a solid time management skill, you might find yourself cramming the tasks that are needed to be accomplished just before the deadline. We all know that it imposes an unhealthy way of learning. Thus, practicing time management especially in this online setup will help you stay organized and be on track.

Establish a Productive Learning Environment

An ideal learning space would be an area without any distractions. An area you think you can accomplish a lot of tasks.

Imagine attending classes and doing work on your bed or couch. It might be hard for you to focus because you can slouch or lie down anytime. It is tempting to fall asleep in these positions too. So these areas are perhaps not the best places to be at. You must know the difference between where you study, and where you take breaks. Avoid somewhere that is too comfortable or distracting.

Having a designated space for your classes is a great start to increase productivity levels. Its impact will enable you to concentrate, and will help you stay organized. You just have to leave all the things that might distract you out of your working space. A quiet and distraction-free area will provide you with an environment that will help you stay focused on studying and getting work done. And for a more effective learning process, it is easier to remember the information if you are in the same place where you learned it.

Take Notes During Class

Most people think that just because you are already learning virtually now, you can just have the whole class recorded and then replay them when you need to recall and study. Though it may seem convenient, it is actually something that does not help your productivity at all. It's better to not let the convenience of being able to replay the entire lecture keep you from taking notes.

Taking down notes during class will not only help you increase your focus, but can help you put the information you learn in a way you can easily understand them. You also have the opportunity to only write the important key points you hear down. This will also enable you to keep the things you learn in your mind better, increase your critical thinking, and boost your comprehension.

Let’s admit, it is easy to lose concentration on online lectures. Taking down notes can help you in this way to stay focused and keep your thoughts organized. Not only will you remember the necessary information, but also you might be forming a connection with the class you are attending. You will also be less distracted if you are working with a notebook rather than on your laptop. This will allow you to remain attentive because you do not have to switch between different tabs if you were to type the notes digitally.

Treat Online Classes Like Face-to-Face Sessions

Knowing that you are only meeting virtually for your classes, it’s easy to forget you are even taking one. This can drive you to easily fall into distractions. Attend your online classes just like how you usually would in traditional, face-to-face classes. Since most classes are hosted real-time and are synchronous, you must still get up, prepare early, and log-in on time. Setting up this kind of routine everyday will make you more productive.

You need to have the discipline and dedication on this because, let’s admit, it could be quite difficult to put your focus on this as your mind is set with attending classes only at home. To establish this, one thing you need to do is to dress appropriately to feel like you are actually going to school.

Dress Appropriately

Attending classes at home gives every student the convenience and privilege of having to stay in comfy loungewear and pajamas during lectures. There is nothing wrong with this. However, it will not work if you want to stay productive. Clothes that are “too” comfortable might make you more likely to lounge around. This can also drive you to not listen to lectures attentively and accomplish any task at all.

As part of treating online classes like how you would do in face-to-face classes, dressing appropriately, even just with a pair of jeans and a shirt, might help set your mind that you are actually going to attend one. It is highly suggested to dress up and get ready for your online classes. This is to increase your motivation and boost productivity levels.

Key Takeaway

Being productive indeed requires an effort on your side. You cannot achieve any of your tasks and put your focus on online learning if you will always let distractions go your way. So the best way to start making an effort is to practice time management and establish a productive learning environment. It is also recommended to set up a routine in preparing for your online classes. You must treat them as how you would attend in-person classes. You will notice how these tips will help you become a lot more motivated and productive in learning.