Top 10 Treks In Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is one of the famous trekking destinations in India. From Hampta pass to Triund trek, there are many famous treks. Check out some!

Top 10 Treks In Himachal Pradesh


Elevated at a height of 14,100ft, Bhrigu Lake is near the famous Rohtang Pass in Himachal Pradesh. Open to all, from beginners to adept trekkers, it serves you with the adrenaline rush a trekker signs up for and scenic views. Bhrigu Lake trek embraces majestic Himalayan views, meadows, an alpine lake and a surreal colour changing lake which excites many by its unearthly beauty.

As nature changes its season, Bhrigu Lake follows it by changing colours. Fascinating, isn’t it? Winters see it as emerald green whereas summers change it to blue. Located around 20 km north of the well-known town Manali, Bhrigu lake can be approached from Gulaba. This delightful grassland trek is stretched for 26km and goes on for 4 days with a moderately easy trek experience.



A weekend getaway, Triund trek takes you away from the mundane and comes as the easiest trek to do in the Himalayas. It will fill your days with scenic views of Kangra Valley, presenting you the highest waterfall of McLeod Ganj with snow-decorated Dhauladhar Ranges. Triund is called a trekker’s best escape to the charming Himalayas as a short but steep climb. To keep you company along the ascent, rhododendron and oak trees will find you with various songbirds in the forests, a bliss indeed. The best time recommended for Triund Trek is from March till December.


Rested in the remote valley of Lahaul of Himachal Pradesh at an altitude of 14,599 feet, Miyar Valley is nestled with flowers. The trek starts from Manali then drives along the Rohtang Pass then enters the Lahaul Valley. The way to this valley changes alternatively from secluded mountain valleys, small villages, Buddhist monasteries, and flower beds full of Himalayan orchids with others. Miyar Valley trek spans for 8 days with a moderate level of trekking difficulty. This trek takes you along green meadows, alpine rocks belonging to Zanskar valley, mountain streams, and glaciers along the Miyar Nala.


Known for its adventurous crossing among the Himalayan treks, Hampta Pass is elevated at 14,065 feet and welcomes trekkers for a moderate trekking experience with its dramatic climb. This trek is called a sister of Valley of Flowers for its engulfing beauty of grasslands, alpine meadows of conifer forest, white streams and waterfalls with steep glaciers, and serene nature which surrounds the area. The Hampta Pass trek is 4 nights and 5 days long with a trekking distance of 35 km. Monsoon season is always best recommended for Hampta Pass trek as it blows the place with a newfound freshness and blooming flowers.


A thousand-year-old alpine emerald lake nestled in the lap of mighty mountains at a high elevation of 12,772 feet, Beas Kund. This trek is all about green landscapes, emerald lake from where Beas emerges, mountains of Manali namely- Friendship Peak, Shitidhar, Ladakhi and Hanuman Tibba, majestic mountains with an enthralling view, raging streams, and waterfalls. 4 days long Beas Kund trek presents the views which are usually granted to the expert trekkers only after days of hard trekking. It is a moderately easy trek that excites first-timers to seasoned trekkers with the experience it offers. During the monsoon and autumn season, don’t forget to capture splendid views of oak and deodar amidst the mountain ranges.


Perched at a height of about 2950 metres, Kheerganga Trek is one of the most favoured treks in Parvati valley for its panoramic view and ultimate chance to explore various other well-travelled sites in Parvati valley like Kasol, Tosh, Chalal, Rasol and the Malana village. The trek begins from Barshaini, touring through Tosh and Kasol. Kheerganga Trek offers hot springs on the top and lets you explore the villages and lifestyle of locals. It is best travelled from October to March or April to June, winters or summers respectively. Monsoon at Kheerganga is beautiful, too, but not recommended due to the risks of landslides. This trek stretched for a distance of 14 km with an easy to moderate trekking experience.


One of the highest altitude and scenic treks in the Himalayas at an altitude of 17,400 feet is Pin Parvati Pass. It is known that Sir Louis Dane is the first who crossed it back in  August of 1884 in search of an alternate route to the Spiti valley. Pin Parvati Pass trek takes you to find steep slopes, snow-covered mountains, beautiful landscapes and valleys, Buddhist villages with preserved old temples. The drastic change from the chilly, barren and mountain desert region of Spiti to green landscapes with flora and fauna in Parvati Valley attracts the consciousness of travellers. Pin Parvati Pass is graded as a difficult trek with a trekking distance of 110km and spanning for 9 days. The best time to be here is from July to September when the temperature ranges between 16°C to 20°C during the day and 0°C to 4°C at night hours.


Rested in the Kullu Valley amidst the charming Dhauladhar Ranges, the Prashar lake trek is a must for weekenders, beginners as well as adept trekkers. A favourite trek of nature lovers and the ones who plan to explore brilliant ancient architecture. The intriguing fact is that the lake has its very own floating island and the depth of the lake remains unknown to humankind. The Prashar Rishi temple, owning its old architecture, still stands on the banks of the river. This trek plans to grant scenic views of Pir Panjal, Dhauladhar, and Kinnaur mountain ranges from the peak point. The trek spans 2 days with an exciting trek distance of 16km. 


Found in the enthralling Dhauladhar mountain ranges, the Indrahar Pass trek offers awe-inspiring scenic views and takes you through Golu Devta temple, steep and vast oak or rhododendron forests followed by dense deodar vegetation. Further, the trail finds the timeworn Lahesh Caves and mesmerising views of the Kangra Valley along with several mountain streams and snow bridges. A 10-day long trek, Indrahar Pass scores as a leading trek among the hikers for its compelling camping sites and adventure rich experience with the moderately difficult ascent. The best recommended time for this trek is September and October. So, mark your calendars ASAP!


Acknowledged as one of the best Himalayan treks for summers, Rupin Pass is found to be at a height of 15, 279 feet. A classic trek, having one of the largest ascents with new surprises to offer at every few steps taken. The trail takes you along the Rupin river, small villages, snow shimmered meadows, bridges, lovely valleys and fields, and through countless waterfalls. A perfect space for harsh summer days! Rupin Pass trek stretches for 7 days and offers a moderate to difficult trek with a rewarding journey throughout.