Top 5 best Krita Logo Design Tutorials by YouTube ace vid

Ace vid Is a YouTube channel created by Multi-talented CEO Talandira Ngaiyaye, The channel has a just 241 subscriber but his videos are very great. Ace vid YouTube channel Primary focus is teaching people how to use Krita.

Top 5 best Krita Logo Design Tutorials by YouTube ace vid
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Talandira Ngaiyaye is a graphic designer, content creator, CEO of Keepit Music and Helix Design. He has managed to reach more than  50 million people in a period of 2 years.

One of his favourite Software is the open-source tool Krita and here are some of our best pick tutorials on how to design a logo With Krita.

1. How to Create an Abstract Logo using Krita

This "video has over 9,000 viewers and Talandira was showing people how they can easily create a logo in Krita, you can follow through if you download and install Krita.

2. How to create a Google text based on Logo using Krita

This video has 1300 viewers and he shows how one can create a simple text-based logo in Krita in just under 3 minutes

3. How to Create A gaming Logo In Krita

In this video Ace vid owner Talandira Ngaiayaye will show you how to draw and create a video gaming style based logo In Krita. The video is detailed and it is 23 minutes long Enjoy.

4. How to create a Molefy Logo in Krita 

Here Talandira Youtube Ace vid Channel Owner was showing you how you can easily use Krita to create a simple yet satisfying Logo With Krita.

5. How to Get fonts in Krita

In design... fonts are important, Here is a video showing you how you can install and get fonts, In Krita


I hope this simple basic list Post about Krita has Helped you learn those basic ways on how you can start your designing Journey.