Tragic Incidents Unfold in Thyolo and Ntchisi: Investigations Underway As A 59 Year Old Man Has Been Murdered

"Stay informed about the recent murder in Thyolo, where a 59-year-old man, Jonathan Black, tragically lost his life. Discover the ongoing investigations and efforts to bring justice to the assailants. Gain insights into the incidents, the impact on the community, and the commitment to finding answers. Stay updated with the latest developments surrounding this heartbreaking incident."

Tragic Incidents Unfold in Thyolo and Ntchisi: Investigations Underway As A 59 Year Old Man Has Been Murdered


A recent tragic incident in Thyolo has left a 59-year-old man, Jonathan Black, dead in his home. In a separate incident in Ntchisi, a six-year-old child named Chisomo Madalitso was found deceased. This article highlights the ongoing investigations into these unfortunate events and the efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Unravelling Tragedy: Investigations into the Thyolo Murder and Ntchisi Missing Child Case

Seeking Justice and Answers in Thyolo and Ntchisi Districts

Jonathan Black, a 59-year-old man residing in Mzuwa village within the jurisdiction of Senior Chief Nchiramwera in Thyolo district, was found dead in his home. Thyolo Police, led by Deputy Publicist Rebecca Kashoti, reported that Mr. Black was discovered by his relatives in a distressing state, surrounded by a pool of blood on Sunday at approximately 15:00 hours.

A preliminary post-mortem examination revealed that Mr. Black's death resulted from a severe head injury. The Thyolo Police have launched a comprehensive investigation to apprehend the assailants responsible for this tragic murder. The authorities are diligently working to uncover crucial leads and bring the culprits to justice.

In a separate incident in Ntchisi District, six-year-old Chisomo Madalitso, who had gone missing on Wednesday of the previous week, was tragically found deceased. The child's lifeless body was discovered in a well at Chiwembe 2 village, under the jurisdiction of Traditional Authority Malenga. The bereaved family, represented by Yona Thupezi, confirmed that the body has been transported to Ntchisi District Hospital for a postmortem examination.

The Ntchisi Police are actively investigating the circumstances surrounding Chisomo Madalitso's untimely death. Every effort is being made to shed light on the events leading to this heartbreaking incident. Authorities are committed to gathering evidence and apprehending those responsible for this heinous act.


The recent tragedies in Thyolo and Ntchisi districts have deeply saddened the communities affected. As investigations continue, law enforcement agencies in both regions are diligently working to identify and apprehend the individuals responsible for these heartbreaking incidents. It is crucial to support the authorities in their efforts and remain vigilant as we collectively strive for safer communities and justice for the victims.