Trump Hosted His First Rally Yet The BBC Accuse Him of Spreading an Unproven Theory.

BBC news media house takes a narrate against Trump Has He hosted his First Huge Rally After the Election of Covid-19

Trump Hosted His First Rally Yet The BBC Accuse Him of Spreading an Unproven Theory.
Donald Trump Vs BBC News

Former President Donald Trump hosted his biggest rally in Ohio since losing the 2020 election to his rival Joe Biden. The former 45th president of the United States of America hasn't made many public appearances in a while. Yet yesterday he did something special. He hosted a rally and spoke to his followers about his ideologies and how they are becoming true.

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What Did Trump speak about?

Trump spoke and addressed a wide range of topics but he centered most on his belief that he was right when he theorized that the Covid-19 virus originated in the  WUHAN labs which suggest, the virus might have been man-made.

He told his followers and devoted supporters how today they are still failing to find where the virus came from yet there were some reports that 3 of the workers at WUHAN labs got infected with the virus before it went mainstream.

What is the BBC news view on this

BBC media news site has taken a stance against President Donald Trump, as it criticized him in an article posted on their official website. The media house says the former president is trying to deny responsibility and putting the blame for his failure of handling the pandemic on the Chinese Officials. 

The media house says, Trump has come back and is planning to win by rewriting his wrongs using a theory that lacks proof and concrete evidence. BBC News in their biased Article claimed that the theory that Covid-19 was and is man-made is groundless. It hasn't been scientifically proven and it was something Mr. Trump had been vainly pushing for people to believe in.

Did The BBC News Cover The Story of The Rally

It's not known if BBC News covered the story of the rally since it didn't make headline news on their site. It might be, that its algorithm didn't rank the Rally event as one of the most-read stories, yet the only feature that has made it to the top 10 is their criticism of Trump.

In an article title "Wuhan lab leak Theory fuels Trump comes back rally" The BBC news media house is clearly showing its bias against a Former president it doesn't want to again see in the office.

How did people respond to Trump's claims?

Trump has always excited everyone and people mostly his supporters loved it, they came into the masses. Wearing the American flag with the words "Make America great again"
Even if the theory Trump believes in hasn't been widely accepted, we still can't rule out the possibility of the virus being man-made. Some were quoted affirming.

"The world health organization  sent experts to investigate The Wuhan labs for any possible evidence of a possible man-made virus and its leakage but came back without any solid proof." The BBC said Critising Trump's words.

Our View on This Issue

People around the world are still largely indifferent as to the origins of the virus that has so far taken over 600,000 American lives and still counting.

Others assume it must have been man-made people like Trump and his supporters and some assume it was a natural phenomenon probably coming from mammals like Bats.

The BBC Media House Vs Trump

Trump has always been a strong critic of the media and this hasn't changed. Today he isn't Influencing people the way he used to, since he has been blocked from social media platforms.  But when Trump was able to; he would from time to time be heard saying "Fake news" he said this attacking the agendas and voices that were echoing in the Media houses which didn't approve  his Ideologies, the voices that sought to devalue him.

The BBC has been one such media in Trump's eyes; They always write about the bad Trump has done and hardly look at the other things he has done right. If Trump says something controversial they take the side which will diminish his image and certainly seem like they take pride in it.

Like today, they have published an article, limited the Trump rally to nothing more than him "fueling old fire by reigniting the theory that the Covid-19 virus was man-made and it came from a lab"

According to the BBC that was all they could see and observe at the rally which they themselves didn't want to happen.

Trump, used to be handling fake News websites well using his social media accounts until the gatekeepers decided to ban him for claims that his posts inspired violence in regards to the Washington DC riots.

At the time of writing this article, Trump is in the longest Facebook jail serving person. He was given about 2 years. While on Twitter he has been Permanently Banned. Trump's efforts to recover his social media dominance fell a little short when his "Trump From the desk website" failed short of Glory due to poor Traffic. 

Despite this Trump is still popular around the world and anything about him does still make headline news. News websites like the BBC aren't that much in favor of him. That's why they always try to speak ill about whatever he does.

Trump might have lost his megaphones but he still Trump

As president he did something no other president has ever done, he evened the playing field with media houses by directly posting on social media websites which enabled him to directly communicate with his supporters. Trump did this and constantly fought against mainstream news outlets by calling them fake news. 

In conclusion

It seems like the fight that was "on" between Trump and the media houses aren't yet over. Since  they always pick up a different narrative from what he says or intends to say and he, in turn, calls them "Fake news." Trump looks ready to start his race on being reelected for president and the media houses that don't approve of his radical thinking are there to make sure his voices are sent with criticism surrounding it. So far, one thing has changed  Trump can't directly Influence people as he used to, with social media but he is still Trump and with him, anything does happen.