Trump is to launch a brand New Social Media Website called The truth Social

Trump promised tl delivery something beyond the former Website and it looks like he shall. He has announced that he will deliver a website called Truth Social that shall rival Twitter. Here are the many reasons why we think it will be a success

Trump is to launch a brand New Social Media Website called The truth Social
Trump CEO of social Truth

Trump who was banned from various social media Website like Twitter, Facebook reddit, Instragram and suspended from Google owned platfrom YouTube

Will finally have a breather as he has officially Announced that a brand new Social Media Website is coming, for him and his supporters. Which is called The Truth social.

The website called the Truth social will be in direct compettion with the likes of Twitter and Facebook as it shall have similar features and enable users to post content the same way they post content on Twitter and Facebook.

Did trump create a website called From the Disk and Why  did it fail?

Trump  many months ago delivered a website which he called From The Desk but unfortunately it didn't have the expected reach of audiences as he hoped to achieve so the website was forced to close due to lack of traffic, that's according to the BBC news website.

How many signups will Trump new Facebook like Website called The Truth social is most likely going to have in a month?

Trump will definitely have over 1,000,000 signups within a month. I have witnessed it first hand how Trump supporters are  ready support the 46th USA President.

For instance, on Facebook a group called "Joe Biden is not my president" picked up over 2.1 million members and these people  where 99% trump supporter who joined within a months period.

Trump is loved on social media websites, his way of communicating to the audience is unlike any other president Before him. His reach is direct and he used to post and comment back to his 30,000,000+ Twitter followers. 

On Facebook he had 40,000,000 followers and all these liked to react and share his posts with their family and friends.

Why the new social media Website from trump "Truth social" will be an instant hit?

It will be a hit with millions of people because millions of people have missed Trump and they honestly want something new. 

The struggles people faced on Facebook and other various private social media websites will less likely be faced here. And this is presenting an opportunity for change and deversity. Not to mention new compettion for monopolies like Facebook and Twitter.

Will this Website of Trump called The Truth Social Face difficulties like Pearler?

It is very unlikely that the website Truth social would face any difficulties like the ones Pearler Faced. 

Pearler was quite unfortunate as it went through tuff unforgiving censorship,  minewhile the new social media Website which is being made by Trump will deliver what Pearler delivered but we bet it's going to be way bigger and beta.

Will Truth social be a leading social media network?

It's is very likely that in the first week it will definitely be among the most downloaded and visited website in the USA . Both critics and trump supporters would like to see what the website shall offer and experience first hand how to use it.

What are crtitics saying against this new development of Truth social media Website?

Most crtitics are accusing Trump of being a liar and they are jokingly saying who will run the website when Trump is in jail?

Minewhile his supporters are thrilled with the announcement as this will definitely mean more freedom of expression as Truth social will definitely advocate anything that upholds the image of Trump. An image which most social media Website painted badly over the past year.

How long has it take trump to create his own social media Website called "Truth social"

Truth social development seemed to have Started when social media websites, showed Trump they are above him and they are a private company which can block him, and ban him form their platforms for violating policies. 

Trump upon realising this he tried creating a website where he could try to communicate with his audience but as the BBC narrated that Trump Website closed due to the lack of Traffic

Minewhile Trump advisor reported that the website closed because Trump was working on something bigger and match better.

How will Facebook, Twitter and YouTube feel about the new website?

Honestly, like in any business they have more than one reason to be afriad of what is happening.  Truth social will offer what they offer and it's not certain how many people it will be able to attract prior to the Trump  supporters who are already a targeted Niche.

Facebook is at the moment the largest social media Website on the planet. The world has 7.6bn people and Facebook has over 2.5 monthly users.

Mark Zuckerberg had been facing a tuff month as his website sent through 7 hour outrage and the revelation of the  the failed whistle browler went further in ruining Facebook reputation.

Despite this , Mark Zukerberg  is looking to reshape the mindset of the people by completely rebranding the Facebook  brand into a different name rumour had it that it will be called "The Metaverse"

However, there is room for concern as Trump announcement will mean people who have been stressed with  Facebook will be looking for a new place to call home.

What are some of the reasons why people will definitely join Truth social and move out if Facebook?

People and mostly Trump supporters are tired, of both Facebook and Twitter hence they would like to seek a new adventure somewhere else. At a place where they are not censored for spreading and sharing content which they believe is truth.

Facebook might have dug its own grave by Hindering politics in it's news feed Social Truth has an Edge

Months ago, Facebook made major changes to it's algorithm which saw it remove political feed from appearing on someone's screen when they are home and browsing through stories. Facebook did so to avoid creating political divisions and avoid being accused of aiding social ills. But this shall give social truth Website and Edge over Facebook. If it's anything like Facebook yet different in it's view of political content, their shall be no doubt that Trumps new website will be a hit


Truth social will definitely rock the world. We will keep you posted on the development and tell us what you think in the comments.

Could you Join the Trump social media Website called "Truth Social?"