Certificate of Udhyog Aadhar | Registration of Udyam

The federal government allows new businesses to register online entirely on the basis of self-declaration.

Certificate of Udhyog Aadhar | Registration of Udyam

MSMEs are the backbone of the Indian economy, and the government is implementing a number of measures to address the pandemic's disruptions, with a particular focus on small enterprises. In developing economies like India, small, micro, and medium businesses play an important role, and these small businesses are critical to the Indian economy's growth. Due to the COVID-19 issue, 40-60% of companies are currently unable to survive in the market. As a result, the government is adopting a variety of actions to assist these small businesses. As a result, the rate of growth of MSMEs increases, helping to boost the Indian economy.

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Online registration at the Udyam Enterprise Portal

The federal government allows new businesses to register online entirely on the basis of self-declaration. On June 26, 2020, this service will begin. As of July, there is no longer a necessity to upload documentation when registering micro, small, and medium businesses. The Income Tax and GST systems are linked to the Udyam Registration portal. The PAN number or GSTIN number may be used to readily examine the business's data.

According to the announcement, the most recent definition of MSME is as follows:

The government has classed micro, small, and medium businesses according to the following criteria:

  • a micro-enterprise with a capital investment of less than one crore rupees in plant and machinery or equipment and a turnover of less than five crore rupees;
  • a small business with a plant and machinery or equipment investment of less than ten crore rupees and a sales of less than fifty crore rupees; and
  • a medium-sized business with an investment in plant and machinery or equipment of not more than fifty crore rupees and a turnover of not more than 250 crore rupees.

The Udyam Registration System is a well-organized process.

  • Any company that wants to apply for an Udyam certificate must first go to the official website.
  • On the official website of Udyam Registration, go to the option "For New Enterprise who are not registered as MSME."
  • Following that, you'll be brought to a new landing page with a form to complete. Fill up the form with information such as your Aadhar number and the name of your company.
  • After that, you must validate the information and generate an OTP.
  • You will receive a certificate after successfully completing the registration process. The certificate will only be accessible over the internet.
  • This certificate includes a dynamic QR code that may be used to access both the Portal's web page and company information.
  • There are no registration fees as well. There's also no need to re-register.
  • The process of registering is absolutely free. There are no costs or fees due to anyone.

MSME registration is free, does not need paperwork, and is based on self-declaration.

  • Based on self-declaration, the government made this MSMEs registration completely free and paperless.
  • The registration of the business does not necessitate the submission of any documents.
  • For the registration of the business, you only need to furnish an Aadhar number.
  • For the registration of the business, you only need to furnish an Aadhar number.
  • Based on the PAN and GST details, the government would automatically collect information on the registered business's investment and turnover.
  • Within the platform, the Income Tax and GSTN systems are fully integrated.
  • From July 1, 2021, the government has made PAN and GST mandatory.
  • Companies that hold an EM-II or UAM registration, or any other sort of registered certificate, must additionally register with Udyam Registration.

Create a Micro, Small, and Medium Business.

  • Anyone who wants to register a micro, small, or medium business can do so through the Udyam Registration Portal. There is no fee to register, and there are no documents, papers, documents, certifications, or other proofs that must be uploaded. Self-declaration will be used to complete this registration.
  • After the business is registered, it will be assigned a permanent identifying number called "Udyam Registration Number."
  • After completing the registration process, you will receive an e-certificate titled "Udyam Registration Certificate."

For MSMEs, a more detailed registration process is available

  • The registration form will be available on the Udyam Registration portal.
  • The businesses do not have to pay a registration fee.
  • For business registration, only the Aadhar number is necessary.
  • In the case of a partnership, the Aadhar number will be supplied on the basis of the controlling partner's name.
  • The organization or its authorized signatory must submit its GSTIN and PAN, as well as its Aadhaar number, in the event of a Company, a limited liability partnership, or any other Cooperative Society or in a Society Trust.
  • If the business is properly registered as an Udyam with a PAN, but there is insufficient information for past years, the PAN will be filled out on a self-declaration basis.
  • Each company can only have one Udyam Registration. A single Udyam Registration can contain any information provided in the form of a number of activities, such as manufacturing or service, or both.
  • Any business that willfully misleads or tries to suppress self-declared facts and figures in the Udyam Registration or updating procedure shall be subject to the penalty outlined in section 27 of the Act.