Know More About UV Water Purifiers

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Know More About UV Water Purifiers
Water Purifier
Know More About UV Water Purifiers

Are you confused about how UV water purifiers work, or are you not sure whether you want to have a UV purifier or any other purifiers? Well, do not worry much. Here we discuss UV water purifiers and let you know things you should consider before buying a UV water purifier.

It is undeniable that your health is your ultimate wealth. If you are not healthy, you won't function well, and drinking safe water can save you from various water-carried contaminants and provide you with pure water. Besides, pure water can keep your family healthy and fit.

So, in this article, we shall discuss everything you need to know about UV water purifiers. So hold tight until you finish the article.

What UV Water Purifier Is:

A UV water purifier is a machine that kills harmful bacteria from the water, or in other words, it disinfects your regular tap water. Its filtration system, along with some other technology, offers you the purest of water to drink. A UV water purifier uses UV or ultraviolet rays to disinfect water. In fact, it has a high-power 11W UV lamp to harness the power of UV to disinfect water and provides you contaminants-free safe water.

How UV Water Purifiers Help You:

Well, it is safe to drink UV purified water in your day-to-day life. So let’s see how UV water purifiers can keep you safe. First, however, the Aquaguard service center in Delhi is here to serve you with the best.

  • UV water purifiers use powerful ultraviolet rays which kill all kinds of contaminants from your regular tap water. It also helps to dissolve the chemicals so that your water can be free from contaminants.
  • UV purifiers do not use chemicals or membranes, which makes the water filtration process fast.
  • UV water purifiers also treat your regular water from living organisms such as cholera, hepatitis B, cryptosporidium, E. coli, etc.
  • As these purifiers do not use chemicals, the water remains unaffected and helps remove the bad odor from the water. So these purifiers keep your regular tap water tasty and healthy.
  • UV water purifiers are cost-effective and have low maintenance costs, making it easier for you to use this filter.
  • The powerful filtration processed, efficient energies can disinfect all cold and hot water entering your house and keep your family healthy by providing impure water. It also can keep their skin, hair, eyes, digestive system, heart, and kidneys well. In short, it cures your water of deadly viruses and bacteria and offers you water free of contaminants. You can also opt for RO purifiers as RO service in Delhi is here to help you with anything needed.

How UV Water Purifiers Work:

As discussed above, a UV purifier uses UV rays to cure water. The UV (ultraviolet) lamp inside the filter releases ultraviolet rays, scrambling living organisms’ DNA in the water and killing them. The ultraviolet rays released from the lamp are powerful enough to disinfect the harmful chemicals and contaminants from your municipality-provided tap water.

Maintenance Cost Of UV Water Purifiers:

When you are using a water purifier, you need to maintain it regularly, prolong its longevity. In addition, UV purifiers cost low when it comes to their maintenance which is a good thing. All you need to do is just replace the UV lamp once a year to keep it going.

The ultraviolet lamp is the source of purifying the water, so it is the most vital part of your filter, and it needs annual replacement. The ultraviolet lamp does not burn out, but its powerful lightwave intensity ceases over time and can no longer kill germs effectively.  So as you can understand, the UV lamp inside your water purifier needs to change after one year. It may happen so that the lamp can work after one year also. But you need to remember, it is not working properly, or in other words, it is not killing all the germs that your regular water carries and makes the water unhealthy for your family to drink. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain your purifier regularly.

When it comes to maintaining your purifier, you can book your appointment with Aquaguard service to ensure that you have pure water to drink.

Are UV Purifiers Effective?

Of course, UV purifiers are effective for your family. It removes harmful bacteria, germs, viruses, heavy metals, dust, dirt, salts, microorganisms, etc., from your water and hence provides you and your family the purest form of water safe to drink. Moreover, this purifier is cheaper than any other purifier, and the maintenance cost of this purifier is low, which is a good advantage for Indian households to afford it.

So we talked about UV purifiers, how it functions and the procedures you need to follow to maintain it. If you live in an area where water carries contaminants or heavy metals, you should buy a UV water purifier to protect your family. With UV purifiers, you need not worry about the service system as well.


The water purifier is much needed today, so if you plan to buy one, you can buy a UV water purifier that will keep your family healthy and fit.