What happened to The Trump Facebook Group that Had Over 2 Million Members?

Months have passed since the biggest Group on Facebook which was comprised of Mostly Trump Supporters disappeared on Facebook! So, what really happened for a group of over 2 million Trump Supporters do simply Disappear?

What happened to The Trump Facebook Group that Had Over 2 Million Members?
Trump 2 million Members gets deleted by Facebook

During the aftermath of the 2020 election which saw Joe Biden become the 46th president of the United States of America. Trump who was his rival still had much support behind him, and despite the fact that Joe Biden won it for the Blues, Trump supporters still yet made history by growing the biggest grow ever hosted on Facebook in a short time. Yet almost no mean stream media picked the story of its closer up when Facebook decided to ban it for so-called Violations.

What was the group's Name?

The mega Facebook group's name was called Joe Biden is not my president. It wasn't a new name per se, the name has been popularly used by both Trump supporters and also Biden supporters. They name their groups Trump is not my president and for Trump's supporters, they name their groups Joe Biden is not my present. In fact, there are some groups on Facebook that are over 4 years old and they carry this same name. Yet this mega group was somewhat special.

Why was the Joe Biden Facebook group special?

Joe Biden Facebook group was special because of the number of members and support it had in just a period of 30 days it added over 800,000 people. It was the fast-growing group on Facebook it grow from 800,000 people to 2 million people despite the restrictions Facebook imposed on it. In a way, the Facebook group became special because it was the biggest political support group for one person on Facebook which has never ever happened before in the history of the Facebook tech giant period.

What happened to the growth for it to Vanish

Like any community, Joe Biden Facebook group had to be regulated and posts had to be controlled. When posts, were shared most were subject to criticism and those who were in support of Joe Biden, tend to fact-check posts made by Trump supporters and constantly reported things to Facebook. So Facebook took action in deleting and removing some privileges from the group that people can no longer join, that people can no longer comment or share posts and the final verdict came in that the group has had so many violations that it needed deleting.

Did the Dissapearless after Trump supporters?

When the mega-group went off the ladder, some Trump supporters were unhappy with the situation. Because they felt that some injustice has been done because it wasn't easy to grow a group to the height they reached only to have it deleted by Facebook.

How did Trump supporters reach 2 million members in just 30 days on a Facebook group?

It took effort and time but they corporated so well that, reaching a million people two times was simply a formality. They Achieved that fit by telling those who had already joined To invite other people and those that came in to invite more people. so many people came in that the group added over 300,000 people in a simple matter of days. It became the fastest-growing growth Facebook has ever had.

Why didn't the main Stream Media make it News?

It's unknown why the mainstream media didn't make this wonderful development news, but it's certain this was the wrong kind of publicity they wanted to give Former President Donald Trump. Letting him know that his people like him so much to make History. Must have felt hard on them so the group's Downfall was gone as silent that it didn't make it on news over the world.

Did the Facebook Censorship reach other similar groups on Facebook

The Censoring of the group which had over 1 million members overlapped to other similar groups as well. Facebook made a statement that those who were in the big group that was closed were the same people in the small groups that are open so some form of checking is hard to be done.

So Facebook introduced, some degree of control with to these other small groups, for instance, there was no post sharing mechanism, and moderators were forced to approve each and every Content that was posted. 

Things that happened after the group was closed

When the grow was closed the mainstream news media didn't publish the story, and it was all silent. Facebook introduced new algorithm rules which included not showing political groups on people's feeds. The reason which made them introduce such changes was to avoid similar situations like the Washington DC riots. Which saw America's Democracy scramble.

Did this show that Trump still has power and influence

The growth of the group from 0 to 2 million members in a period of 30 days undoubtedly proved how strong Trump is among his supporters, that they could join hands and be able to make a community so powerful it would lead to major changes on a very big Platform like Facebook. 

Joe Biden is not my president Facebook group was undoubted all the proof of Trump's Influence. And a testament that he might actually come out stronger than he was in 2020. 

Where are the members of the group now?

The big group has been deleted and Almost all traces of it have been lost throughout history but memories of it are still with the people who joined the group and over 2 million of them. The people have spread far and wide in other smaller groups with similar names and over went ahead to join other social media platforms which have little to no Censorship

Platforms include Parler and other new social media platforms. In fact, their impact on these platforms saw the Ranking of such platforms rise as they advocated free speech and freedom of expression.

Trump's next big comeback might be introducing his very own social media platform

For Trump to come back strong he has to definitely create his very own social media platform where what he says and does shouldn't be taken down by fact-checkers or people who have an opposite view than his. Trump still has support and his people are dedicated to having him around. They want a space to express themselves, and they are failing to do it on platforms that subject their words to some form of Censorship.