WhatsApp Facebook and Instagram Are All Down Due to A server outrage

Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram they have all been affected by a server outage and all their services are down. Billion daily users have been affected.

WhatsApp Facebook and Instagram Are All Down  Due to A server outrage
Facebook WhatsApp Instragram outage October 04

WhatsApp Instagram and Facebook are Down Their Server is Down Famous social media platforms all owned by Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg have faced a worldwide outrage and they are all down and over 4 billion people worldwide have been affected.

In Malawi, I personally noticed the issue when my WhatsApp failed to send and receive messages, which made me think it was my problem and I tried clearing cache, buying a new bundle, restarting my phone and even updating my WhatsApp and Facebook lite applications but this did not fix anything.

I then went online to google what was wrong until I got notified that both Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are offline due to an outage and that something is up with servers On several statements shared on twitter Facebook says they are doing everything they can to bring their services back online.

What funny thing which has occurred during this outrage

Memes are circulating on social media making fun of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram suggesting that they are dead and that Twitter is only famous social media still standing