This article explains the reasons why writing content is important and essential for your business and blog. You can make passive income from writing content aswell.


Content marketing also known as digital marketing is a modern, strategic, and form of marketing that involves announcing and promoting a product and service online. Traditional marketing is a marketing strategy that uses the traditional medium of advertising such as TV and radio commercials, newspapers and magazine ads, banners, direct mail advertisements, brochures, and fliers. Unlike traditional marketing, content marketing strategy is carried out through online means such as email newsletters, website articles, blogs, infographics, videos, webinars, podcasts, white papers, and e-books. In the internet and globalization age, it indicates that content marketing has surpassed traditional. There are other several differences between those strategies. However, this article dwells more on the significance of content marketing nowadays than on traditional marketing.

What is content marketing?

·       Content marketing is about adding value to your product or service for free. It does not involve selling your products or services directly or immediately nor promoting your brand and therefore, it is considered to be a long-term investment.  Additionally, it is not about creating content limited to your brand, interested individuals or geographical area rather your content should comprise all potential individuals, buyers, or audiences. Content marketing is time efficient and reaches to a wider audience than traditional marketing.

·       As is aforementioned, it does not only focus on writing articles but also several strategies are used. Products and services are promoted through email newsletters, infographics, videos, webinars, podcasts, and blog posts, mentioning a few.  All these strategies are achieved online.

Why is content marketing important?

Content marketing has become the heart of the business. The following are the importance of content marketing.

1.  Content marketing is cost-effective

Content or digital marketing is always cheaper but its returns are huge as compared to traditional content marketing. One of the reasons why digital marketing is cheaper than traditional one is that online content is freely shared. There is no need for transportation systems, etc.

2.  Content is in high demand

Today, almost everyone is looking some important information about some products or services they are interested in so that they can access it. In the information age, no one would want to remain archaic in their knowledge and experiences. Everyone would want to stay updated on the upcoming innovation. Everyone would to know how effective or good a particular product is before purchasing.   Technology, health, finance, and education are some of the areas whose content is mostly demanded. Therefore, it can be concluded that if the demand for the content is high, you will expect more positive returns with your brand or website, one of which is to build your brand authority.

3.  Content marketing helps to build trust with your website traffic

If you are providing great content to your customer, they fondle your website or brand, entrusting their loyalty to it, thus, building up loyal customers.

4.  Content marketing help to understand customers better

It is impossible and unreasonable to persuade the audience to like products and services without conducting research and expecting them already like what offer. Content marketing involves understanding and realizing the needs, wants, and interests of society so that you get a target audience. Understanding your customers, therefore, works in the best of your brand as you provide the customers with the much need content about any product or service on your offer.

5.  Content marketing helps to build and strengthen relationships with customers

Creating great content that the customers find truth in it helps to strengthen the connection between the brand and customers. Moreover, if you keep on creating the content without stopping, your website attracts more audience and they stick to your website as they find almost everything of their interest.

6.  Content marketing demands content to succeed

Another good concept about content marketing is that with only the great content that you host on your website, you make your website a great competitor among other competitors. What you just need to do is to continue making content on your website. Content marketing is a continuous business strategy that requires gathering more and more content. 

7.  Content marketing reaches a large and diverse consumer in a short period

Content marketing is time efficient as reaches many audiences in a relatively short period. Social media has a great impact on spreading and sharing information across the internet realm. It is not only the duty of the content creator to distribute the information but also other free agents across social media platforms such as Facebook to share the content at their own will when they realize its significance. 

8.  Content marketing returns visitors to your website

Once customers discover that your content is true and reliable, they keep on returning to your website for help. These visitors maintain the traffic to your websites.

9.  Content marketing ranks high with just backlinks

Unlike traditional marketing strategy that does not support backlinks, content marketing is highly ranked because of the backlinks that direct the visitor back to the website, thereby building and maintaining its traffic.

10.              Great content helps to build your brand authority

It is not a simple approach to build up the authority of your brand. If you want your brand to gain power, sacrifice your time, resources, and ability in creating content. Do not give up. The important this is that if your brand has the authority it will always gain great traffic for it to be recognized in the SEO. 

11.              Content lasts forever on the world wide web

With online marketing, you will never lose your investments in the form of records and data of your brand. Your content will remain there forever implying that you will realize huge returns in the process.