This article shall show you how and why the internet is an important asset in our contemporary world.


Wikipedia defines the internet today as the global system of interconnected computer networks that uses the internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to communicate between networks and devices. By ordinary observation, the internet has become part of our lives, taking and controlling more of our everyday activities thereby shaping who we are alongside its influence. The significant part of the internet is that it has improved, simplified, and defined what we could not do and understand. The following are the areas in which the internet has changed people’s lives for the better.

1.  Connectivity, communication, and information

The internet is the major medium of communication nowadays. It connects humankind virtually across the world. People can communicate with people whom they have never met. But they can interact and share important information easily and in a moment. Thus, the internet is one major contributor to globalization. In real-time we can speak and talk with people too far to communicate face-to-face using computers and smartphones and other technologies. The internet has eliminated the barrier of physical distance making people feel they are close to each other virtually. We are now able to know what is happening in another country or any far location a development which did not exist before the internet was invented.  

2.  Storage

Cloud storage backup services are used to store and host a huge trunk of data from individuals to bigger companies and organizations. The information is never lost and can be accessed wherever and whenever you want.

3.  Education

In the modern day, the internet is also being used as an educational tool. One of the objectives of the internet was an educational concern. No wonder education is deeply immersed with internet resources. We upload, download, live stream, and watch tutorials on our topics of interest on YouTube, for example. We download PDFs and other document formats on the internet for our studies. We also conduct research online. We learn anything online, for example, culture, health, agriculture, history, economy, finance, etc.

4.  Job provision

Certain research found that 85% of jobs today are found through networking.  While 70% are never publically published because most of these unposted jobs are either occupied by internal candidates or are created after a recruiter meets a job seeker but still through networking.  With the internet, job seekers can locate job posts anywhere in the world and connect with employers or the other way around. Jobs application was also redefined. One can apply for the job online and job interviews are conducted online.

5.  Business promotion

The internet is the best place for businesses. It is easy and fast to advertise products and services to a large and diverse audience because the internet cut the barriers of time and distance short. Additionally, the internet is found everywhere around the world. People sell and make money online using different social media platforms and other internet tools such as websites, blogs, etc. Not only do business owners or directors make use of the internet but also buyers do shopping on the internet with either digital transaction methods or another alternative. 

6.  Finance

So far we are to transact through internet banking, mobile banking, and e-wallet. With the internet are capable of accessing our bank accounts when we want to check balances, make transactions, and send money. We even pay bills electronically. This is ideal for business as well.

The internet is also used to manage money. Websites, applications, and other tools are/been invented for transactions, transfers, budgets, etc. For example, cryptocurrency is one of the platforms where people can invest their money.

7.  Establishing friendships

Through social media platforms, people find and create friendships. Media users are exposed to different social media forums such as Facebook groups and WhatsApp groups where they interact, and share ideas, opinions, and solutions to our everyday affairs challenges. In the process of this connection, some end up making relationships. These friendships in turn contribute to the diversity of cultures as these social media users belong to different ethnic groups, cultures, and countries. International friendships are one of the benefits of the internet. With the internet, people collaborate easily with unknown or distant partners to achieve a common good.

8.  Entertainment

The internet has as well created a space for entertainment and luxury. There are many activities and tools on the internet that are used for entertainment. We find games on the internet. Mostly they are interactive games. We share photos for memories. We watch funny videos on YouTube and social media platforms such as Facebook Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. We watch and listen to music videos, movies, and documentaries that are part of luxury or resting time. We do music streaming on Spotify and enjoy podcasts as well. All these activities are part of our entertainment. Should I talk about watching sporting activities such as football?

9.  Provide location services

With the internet, tours and travel have been effective and simplified. For instance, we can locate places we want to visit using search engines such as google maps, for example, and find more information about it before we visit the place just by searching on google and other internet services. We are to know about the culture, language, food, and weather of the particular place we want to visit. With GPS technology we are directed to the place we are going. In one way or another, this technological advancement has facilitated our business. 


The existence of the internet today has simplified complex and undoable tasks. For instance, individuals connect, communicate and access information easily and fast regardless of distance and time factors.  With the internet, we can store important records and data for a long time or forever. Students also access their education services on the internet. Not only do job seekers make use of the internet but also business people find their business beneficial with the presence of the internet. Everyone including business people make digital transactions. It is also a good development that makes friendships through social media platforms. The internet is there to provide entertainment and make traveling easier as we can locate wherever we want to go.