Discover The Best Protein Powder For Your Health And Fitness Goals

Choosing the best protein powder of the right category depends on various factors such as current health level, dietary preferences, and fitness goals.

Discover The Best Protein Powder For Your Health And Fitness Goals
Best Protein Powder in India

Protein is a vital macronutrient for survival, and protein powder is an essential supplement to improve fitness. Finding the best protein powder in India is not a difficult task as the list contains plenty of effective and decent options. Protein powders have a rising demand as they satisfy people, especially gym-goers, and make them feel nourished. However, every person’s health and fitness needs are different, which is why people opt for protein powders are also variant. Some may consume protein powders to improve athletic performance, others to lose weight, or to boost muscle mass and stamina, the list goes on. 

Also, the hoard of options and variety available in the market for protein powders may confuse you. A wonderful choice to go for is Utsaha by Nature Sutra, a plant protein powder comprised of all the essential amino acids and a perfect natural formulation. But, first, you should grasp the basics of protein powders to make the right choice. So, if you were wondering which protein powder is best for your health and fitness goals, you have stopped by the right place! This article will first discuss the categories of protein powders and then match the right one as per your needs. 

Why Do You Need Protein Powder?

The answer to the question of why you need protein powder is simple. You need protein powder to suffice your body’s daily protein requirements. You may fulfill your protein needs with whole protein-rich foods or add protein powders if you cannot have a high protein diet daily. But, remember, those whole foods with high protein content and protein powders are not the same. Whole foods offer wholesome nutrition, whereas protein powders only focus on increasing your protein intake. You may build muscle mass or lose weight by consuming a protein shake, but with whole protein-rich foods, your body receives a nutritional punch!

Types Of Protein Powders And Their Uses- 

If we categorize narrowly, there are mainly two types of protein: animal protein and plant protein. Animal protein is considered a complete protein source as animal sources majorly contain all the essential amino acids. However, the plant sources often have a low methionine, lysine, isoleucine, or tryptophan content when it comes to plant protein. 

However, many protein powder manufacturers are now shifting their focus to natural sources of protein. Therefore, they add multiple plant sources of protein in one place to deliver the customers most of the amino acids. This brings us to have a look at the broad categorization of protein. These protein sources are highly desirable these days and serve various health and fitness needs- 

  • Whey protein is one of the most popular proteins and is best for daily consumption. It is gentle on the gut and contains all the essential amino acids. The key function of whey protein is boosting energy levels, but it also keeps a check on stress. Consume whey isolates and concentrates after workouts to get the best out of the whey protein powder.
  • Soy protein is another regular choice of people these days. It helps overcome high cholesterol and can relieve symptoms of menopause in women. Not only this, but soy protein also helps with symptoms of osteoporosis as it supports the building of bone mass.
  • Egg protein is another preferred protein source. Because of its slow release, it is gut-friendly and can be consumed frequently in a day. 
  • Milk proteins, or casein protein, are derived from milk and its products. Milk protein can speed up muscle growth and boost activities of the immune system.
  • Brown Rice Protein is a 100% plant-based source of protein. So, people who opt for vegetarian sources of protein or even those who have gluten sensitivity can go for this decent source of protein. 
  • Pea protein is famous for its easily digestible, hypo-allergenic, and cheap profile. If you face gut or allergies issues, get your hands on pea protein to fulfill your protein needs.
  • Hemp protein is another available source of 100% plant-based protein. In addition, it’s an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. Thus, you can obtain a nutrient bonus by consuming hemp protein. 

Protein Powders As Per Your Needs-

As mentioned above, people choose protein powders following their subjective health and fitness needs. And yes, there is a protein powder for almost every health and fitness concern. You can spot your purpose of opting for a protein powder from the below-given health goals to make the right choice for you- 

Muscle Building- 

A protein powder with high biological value is the perfect choice for building muscle fast. High biological value simply means good absorption capacity and optimum utilization of the protein content. Thus, for muscle build up whey protein powder, and whey isolates are your best options.

Weight Loss- 

Opt for shakes and smoothies with no added sugars or sweeteners such as dextrins. Also, protein powders with additional branched-chain amino acids can scale up muscle growth and weight gain. 

Stay Vegetarian or Vegan- 

If you’re vegetarian or vegan, you can go for 100% plant proteins such as soy, pea, or hemp.

Low Sugar- 

Patients with diabetes should choose protein shakes without any form of added sugar. Carefully read the ingredients label to avoid sugar-loaded protein powders. Similarly, keep an eye on the carb content as protein powder with high carbs can impact the body’s sugar levels. 

Kidney Problems- 

If you have any kidney problem or disease, never consume a lot of protein at once. Weak kidneys cannot tolerate a load of protein. Instead, stick to protein powders containing lower-range protein content.


People with irritable bowel syndrome or lactose intolerance should get their hands on protein powders that do not contain lactose sugars or artificial sweeteners. Check the label of the protein powder and pick the one with a gluten-free tag.

The Bottom Line

Besides these facts about protein powders, one should also know that consuming a protein shake within an hour of a workout will derive the most effective results. This is because muscles become active and responsive during this time to utilize the protein for repair and growth optimally. Although no one has the magic number for the exact protein intake at one time, aiming for at least 20 grams of protein per meal is the most reliable and safest option. Though all the points mentioned in this article will immensely help you to make the correct choice for protein powders, it is best to consult a doctor to seek appropriate advice for your protein needs.