How To Make $16 Per Hour with Adsterra

Adsterra is the best Google Adsense alternative. I made $16 an hour with Adsterra. Read this article to learn more about Ads google Adsterra, Adsterra minimum pay is $5, Adsterra best google alternative, Adsterra Google nightmare, Adsterra payment threshold, is Adsterra safe? Adsterra fast approval, Adsterra affiliate program, How to increase Adsterra MCP, Adsterra earning rates.

How To Make $16 Per Hour with Adsterra
How To Make $16 Per Hour with Adsterra

Adsterra is undoubtedly the best Google AdSense Alternative this 2022, For it offers Ad publishers a decent amount of money with little to no work. Adsterra does not give you Ad limit bans for getting social Traffic. It is among the most flexible Ad Provider on earth. In this article, I will share the secret of making $16 per hour using Adsterra.

How I made $16 in 1 hour with monetarizing with Adsterra

 Writing about American Politics can be very rewarding as Adsterra pays you handsomely no matter where you are getting the traffic from. I even made $2 from 2 visitors to my website. They came as a social referral from Facebook. Yet Adsterra Paid Me handsomely. With such an Earning Rate you can make Thousands of Dollars a day.  Read this article to learn more about Adsterra. You can sign up as a publisher on Adsterra by clicking this link

How to get approved by Adsterra?

All you need to do is request to be a publisher and the verification process only takes 16 minutes. Simply have a decent-looking website with more than 23 blog articles or posts and you will get approved when you request Adsterra approval.

What Sets Adsterra Apart from Google AdSense on Approval

Google AdSense is not that flexible when it comes to approving Websites, As several people get frustrated whenever they wait Many weeks only to receive a text saying “sorry Google AdSense has rejected you” With Adsterra you get results instantly, In just 16 minutes you receive a message of acceptance or rejection but it is mostly Acceptance.

How to Set Adsterra Ads up After Acceptance?

Adsterra is easy to use, Simply Place the Adsterra ads codes in the appropriate body tags of your website. Adsterra offers several Ad formants if you use all of them at once the chances of increasing your Adsterra MCP. Below is a table showing you the different Ads Formats of Adsterra

                        ADS UNIT

             HOW IT WORKS


       468 × 60 px



Best format for mobile display



 Best for Downloading Sites

Shows Ad notifications like Propper


Native Banner

Best for every Type of Website

Shows big banners of various things



Best for video streaming websites

Requires installation to be used


Direct link

This is used to turn Facebook Traffic into Money.


Social Bar

This shows an interesting Social Icon

Once created Money is made


320 × 50 px

 This is also great for Mobile display

Shows nice banners of 320 X 50 px



These are ads that only work if you have a web push notify integrated



Is Adsterra Safe?

Adsterra is not safe for everyone as People from Europe Complaint about getting Malware installed on their devices but only Asians and Africans are given relatively Decent Ads, so adsterra is relatedly Safe as of 2022.

                   Is Adsterra Real?

Adsterra is real and they do pay every 2 weeks once you reach the minimum payment threshold for your desired payment option. The minimum payment threshold of Adsterra is just $5. This is Among the considering Payment threshold for any Ads publisher.   

Is Adsterra Better than AdSense?

Surely, Yes and for several reasons as well. Adsterra approves people instantly, Adsterra does not penalise anyone for their social traffic, Adsterra pays handsomely and every 2 weeks, unlike google which is monthly. For I made $16 with Adsterra in 1 hr it would take you 16,000 impressions, or maybe 10 USA clicks per hour to make the same money with AdSense.

What Are the Payment Methods of Adsterra?

Unlike Google AdSense, Adsterra is the best Google AdSense Alternative    as it has multiple payment options and even   a minimum payment of $5      












































What is Adsterra Earning Rate?

IIF your MCP is $2 which means you will be getting $2 per 1,000 impressions. And since minimum pay is $5 considering you get about 5,000 impressions per day you $300 per Month with the potential of getting paid every day.

Adsterra Minimum Requirements for Monetization Approval

  1. Have a decent Website with Many posts
  2. Your website should not look like it is under construction
  3. Your website should not be having many ads

How to login to Adsterra As A publisher

Login to AdSense as a publisher requires you to visit the official Adsterra page click this link >>>>> and on Login click login as Publisher.

Other Ways to Make Money With Adsterra

Adsterra from time to time, hosts competitions and the prize is always money for its publishers and partners

Adsterra also has an affiliate program where people can get referrals and earn a passive income with Here is my referral link >>>> Click Here <<<<<

You can also advertise with adsterra by joining their Advertiser program. Their minimum deposit is just $100 and the ads campaign starts within 1 hour.


Adsterra is the best Google AdSense alternative this 2021. It gives ads publishers a decent handout despite not having a huge amount of traffic. Adsterra is easy to use and the Ads also offer diversity to Website visitors. If interested you might read more about AdSense, Ezoic, and adsterra in this super article.