This article shall reveal to you the best ways to grow your youtube channel and kick-start your youtube career


The following are some of the strategies for growing a YouTube channel fast;

1.  Beware of what the audiences want

It is ideal that you first study the audience at any particular time. Know your audience. The audience has different interests and their interests change at times. Therefore, embracing the interests of audiences will probably attract more attention to your channel. Some videos appeal to the fan subscription on their own. So beware of which type and quality videos will bring more traffic.  More importantly, try to consider a diverse audience.  Some audiences like funny and petty stuff. Others want to learn something new to help change their lives. For example, they would like to know how something is done. You can go to your YouTube studio to check which videos attract more subscribers and continue with that. To attract more audience, you should create the following types of videos; 1. Reaction videos 2. How-to videos 3. Versus videos and 4. Listicle videos.

2.  Participate with the YouTube community

If you want to develop your YouTube channel fast and steadily one thing you consider is to interact with the audience in the comments section. Here you take care of some of the questions, recommendations, and uploads to your videos. You can like and comment back to their comments. The comments from the audience are feedback on your artwork and can help you as the owner of the channel to maintain, change or improve the performance and management of your channel.

3.  Customize your thumbnails

Customize your videos with thumbnails according to your video titles to attract the audience at the first sight.

4.  Target google search results

Create content that ranks high in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This includes how to present the titles of your YouTube videos and the words used in the titles to be discovered easily. You will enjoy developing your channel if you are in line with SEO.

5.  Create your videos in series

Creating videos in episodes is ideal because it left the audience with a hunger for the next video. Just as with movie series, your videos should be designed in a way that they are connected and the ideas should at least be connected and consistent until the finishing of the series and you can opt for another series. This technique inspires your audience to keep following your channel.

6.  Conduct a live-streaming video

Set up a regular live interaction with your YouTube community. Here you will be able to answer questions from your audience, encouraging them to be free. You conduct a live-streaming video teaching people how to do something. You can repeatedly explain the objective of your channel. It is high time to ask your audience who have not subscribed yet to subscribe.

7.  Collaborate with other creators and brands

Making collaboration with other partners is another ideal strategy for growing your YouTube channel. It helps you to get more and new audiences. Another individual’s audience and subscribers would be yours as well since they are overlapped. Acting together or interviewing other well-known YouTubers would boost the growth of your YouTube channel.

8.  Publish your YouTube content on social media

You can also advertise or invite an audience to your YouTube channel using social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Either by using your YouTube link or posting content for your YouTube channel.

9.  Add a YouTube subscriber button to your videos

Create a subscribe button to let those interested subscribe to your YouTube channel.  Adding this space for the audience will not boost your YouTube Channel. You can create and upload the subscribe button as a watermark. You can also display it before or at the end of the video or both options together. You can even customize the timespan of your subscriber button. Some opt to place it just below the video.  The bone of contention is to make sure that you let the audience subscribe to your YouTube channel.

10.              Place a subscriber link in your video descriptions

In addition to the description of your videos and the link to your YouTube channel, place other related links that will direct traffic to your YouTube channels such as website links, affiliate links, and social media links e.g. Facebook.

11.              Craft your YouTube titles

Write titles that appeal to the attention of the audience. This is the first step to go for the posting. It is the title that will determine the audience’s reaction.  For example, how-to titles, emotional titles, question titles, direct titles, etc. are ideal for YouTube.

12.              Keep on posting videos

Don’t stop new videos even for a while to keep your YouTube channel alive for the audience. Make sure you upload your videos at the right time when more of your audience will watch. If you take longer than necessary, your will lose your audience to other channels because naturally, people lose interest. Set up a regular posting schedule while minding that you do not take so long before you post or so frequently than intended.