Trump Supporters Are Happy Jack Dorsey Has Resigned and These Are Some Of the Reasons Why

Trump Supporters are Happy that Jack Dorsey "45" has decided to resign from his position as CEO of Twitter. Dorsey was on the driving wheel when Trump was permanently banned from Twitter a move that shocked over 100 million people.

Trump Supporters Are Happy Jack Dorsey Has Resigned and These Are Some Of the Reasons Why
Dorsey Steps Down As Twitter CEO

Jack Dorsey has been CEO of Twitter for over a decade starting in 2006 to the recent past of 2021.

Jack Dorsey who is now 45 years old has just recently stepped down from the executive position of heading Twitter, but not all people are looking at Jack Dorsey with a welcoming smile.

Why Do Most Trump Supporters Hate Dosey?

Dorsey as CEO made himself controversial when he decided to make a bold move in banning the Former 45th president of the United States of America from permanently using Twitter.

How Many Followers Did Former President Donald Trump had on Twitter Before the ban?

Donald Trump had over 40 million followers on Twitter alone. He used to love using Twitter as his own personal Mouthpiece unfortunately for him and everyone else who enjoyed reading Twitter Posts from Donald Trump, they all got disappointed when Twitter suspended his account and the call to suspend Trump's account came from Dorsey himself.

The Hate for Dosey As Twitter CEO runs Deep

Dorsey has not been loved by many Trump supporters at all. In their eyes, he looked like a Billionaire who had no real direction to where the world was heading.

Under the Management of CEO Dorsey, Trump's account was constantly being flagged for misinformation, it was being Flagged for many things and it ultimately got banned from ever appearing on Twitter.

Twitter defended its decision as it is a private company and was simply acting in accordance to its rules and policies.

Has Trump Recovered from Dosey Twitter Ban?

Has the former president of the United States of America Recovered from the damages he suffered from being banned on Twitter?

It’s had to say, how he feels right now, but it is never easy to lose access to your own account even on social media for even a day or two.

Being banned permanently the way trump was and being a public figure sack beyond measure.

Trump tried a thing or too to recover as of now his very own social media website a Twitter look-alike is being developed which he calls The truth social.